Critter Video Test, Take 1

Why won’t this computer let me post still images today, but videos are okay? I can’t figure it out. You readers get the benefit of this nice little Uintatherium video (which, alas, is also a soup commercial), but all I’m getting is confusion. If I want to post an image, I have to go over to the laptop. This is not efficient.

Enough of this. For the time being, I retreat to Obann.

4 comments on “Critter Video Test, Take 1

    1. It’s one of my favorite prehistoric critters, Phoebe–the Uintatherium, shanghaied into a Nissin Soup commercial. In fact, the animal was considerably smaller than Yankee Stadium–rhino-sized, or thereabouts. He’s only here because the computer stopped letting me post still images and I wanted to see if it was also on strike for video.

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