Liberal Objects of Worship

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We have learned a lot about liberals’ religion, these last couple of days, and from the most unimpeachable sources. It might be worthwhile, trying to impeach them.

From an “ecosexual” art professor we learn that the earth is capable of amours with human beings, and that these dalliances will likely save the planet. From what, we are not told. But I’ll bet you never look at rocks and trees again the same old way.

And from a movie star we learn that Mother Nature presides over it all, is a registered Democrat and huge Hillary fan, and is capable of slinging hurricanes around like frisbees when she feels the need to punish those who don’t believe in Man-Made Climbit Change.

No wonder they don’t need the real God. No wonder they sneer at those who read the Bible.

So it’s Mother Nature, the earth itself, and–what? How do they complete their trinity?

The third person of the liberal trinity is the State. And Science.

But wait a minute! You can’t have a trinity with four persons in it, instead of only three!

You can if you’re a liberal.

2 comments on “Liberal Objects of Worship

  1. Ultimately, it all reduces to worship. There is worship of the Creator, and there is everything else. There are only two possible ways one can choose. Our God requires exclusive devotion, and he receives that from many people, but there are many more whom choose to worship other tings or to divide their worship.

  2. Via Liberal/Progressive cognition, the State is the product of Science, so the scientific State completes the Liberal/Progressive Trinity – Dr. Victor Frankenstein would be so proud of their modern Prometheus.

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