Hillary Donates $800,000 to Antifa Rioters

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Didn’t I tell you? Those black-masked thugs of Antifa, who torch buildings, overturn cars, and beat people up, who riot to shut down towns and college campuses–the Democrat Party owns them. In fact, the Democrats fund them.

And Hillary Clinton, presidential wannabe, seems to have dumped a cool $800,000 into Antifa’s coffers, according to filings of the Federal Elections Commission (http://thepoliticalinsider.com/hillary-clinton-funding-antifa/).

Madame Hillary has taken $800 G’s out of her presidential campaign money and funneled it into several Far Left groups closely tied to Antifa, through her Super PAC, “Onward Together.” Don’t you love that name? Antifa, by the way, is classed by the Dept. of Homeland Security as “a domestic terrorist organization.” And as Hillary says, in a message to her PAC’s donors, “We’re working behind the scene…” Boy, is she ever!

What I want to know is why Hillary–and other Democrat money-movers who doubtless do the same–isn’t held responsible for the personal and property damage wreaked by Antifa. Surely there must be some kind of law against contributing money to a domestic terrorist organization?

Sure, we know that Clintons always get away with everything and are never, ever held accountable: it’s one of the perks of being big-name Democrats. But why isn’t she being sued by persons, businesses, and communities damaged by Antifa? Why isn’t she in jail?

If this isn’t sedition, I don’t know what is.

6 comments on “Hillary Donates $800,000 to Antifa Rioters

  1. “Lock her up! Lock her up! Lock her up!”

    For some reason even Trump seems ill-disposed to carry out his campaign slogan to its conclusion.

    The Clintons have such a laundry list of treasonous and monstrous crimes in their wake, I believe God will have to exact punishment. It looks as though no one in power has the stomach for it. And may I add – many of them have similar lists.

    1. Gee, since when is it wrong to cheat retirees out of their life savings and take away their homes so you can re-sell them to the next suckers?

    2. I agree with Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch when he says appointing Jeff Sessions to be the Attorney General was Trump’s biggest mistake. Now the ones running the Judicial Dept are backing Mueller’s witch hunt of Trump. Could any detective writer make this stuff up?

    3. I agree, whiterabbit. When the news broke that President Trump was appointing Jeff Sessions AG, I told my husband Trump was making a mistake. That’s the case with most of the entrenched establishment a/k/a the swamp.

    4. I think most of us thought Sessions would be a solid guy as AG. Turns out he’s afraid of his own shadow. Well, maybe Mr. Trump is as surprised as I am.

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