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‘The “Everybody Does It” Defense’ (2016)

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POTUS with his favorite intern

Allowing the people to choose its leaders by voting for them was supposed to protect us from leaders who would corrupt us or prey on us. But all too often we choose a leader who’s only just come along, seems like a good idea at the time, and turns out to be as dirty as they come.


The “Everybody Does It” defense is unworthy of adults–but boy, did we hear it a lot, during Bill Clinton’s presidency! And it wasn’t true! People insisted that it was, but they were wrong–and it was really quite easy to show them they were wrong.

Not that it changed anybody’s mind…

Bill Clinton–Novelist

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Bill Clinton enjoys the perks of public office…

My wife said, “Here’s your competition. Bill Clinton has just written his first novel!”

Well, sort of written. He co-authored it (heh-heh) with internationally best-selling writer James Patterson (http://www.indiewire.com/2017/09/bill-clinton-james-patterson-showtime-the-president-is-missing-1201879078/). It hasn’t even been published yet, but Showtime has already won the hotly-contested bidding war to turn Clinton’s novel, The President is Missing, into a TV series.

The story, explains America’s favorite dirty old man and former president, is about “what happens when a sitting president suddenly disappears.”

Hmmm… Have they looked under the desk in the Oval Office?

Follow the Monica.

Ain’t it wonderful to be a Clinton?

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