Bonus Video: ‘Magic Rabbit’

It’s not a rabbit at all, but a pika–furry little animals that live on mountainsides, amid the rocks. We have some in North America.

This is the “Ili Pika,” from a remote region of China. Until these photos were taken, it hadn’t been seen in 20 years. Please ignore the narrator’s blather about Global Warming causing this animal to go extinct. They only say that to make you believe you have to give the government a lot more of your money and expanded powers to trouble your lives.

Yes, it would be a tragedy to lose such an adorable little creature. Maybe a captive breeding program could ensure its survival. If it lived in America instead of China, something like that would already be happening.

6 comments on “Bonus Video: ‘Magic Rabbit’

  1. That raises the bar, with regard to the definition of cute. 🙂

    All the eco-hogwash is just that. The fellow claims to protect the Pikas, I wonder, just how does he accomplish that?

    1. Maybe by claiming global warming as one of the causes for their decline. The little critter is adorable! – but the guy making such a ridiculous claim isn’t.

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