Too Dirty for Adults, but Fine for Kids?

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As Australia nears a vote on whether to impose same-sex pseudomarriage on herself, the Australian media are working overtime to keep the “No” vote’s message from the people.

So another “No” ad has been banned from Aussie TV, only allowed to be shown late at night. Why? Because the content is so, well, provoking. And “explicit.”

And where does the content come from?

Word for word from the “Safe Schools”–never trust liberals saying anything is “safe”–sexuality education program ( For instance, this: “It’s a total lie–” really?–” that all boys have ****s and all girls have vaginas.”

Adults aren’t allowed to hear that until after their bedtimes; but kids hear it every day in school, whether they want to or not.

When I substituted in a public high school some years ago, the only class I was never called upon to teach was “sex education.” If that teacher was absent, one of the vice principals had to baby-sit the class: no outsiders allowed. The textbooks were not allowed to leave the classroom. That was to keep parents from seeing what their kids were being taught.

Believe me, Australia: if you vote “Yes” for this abomination, you’ll be very, very sorry. And it’ll be way too late for sorry.

5 comments on “Too Dirty for Adults, but Fine for Kids?

  1. Psychiatry should be a booming profession these days since there are so many crazies in every country!

  2. Yup, once the genie is out of the bottle it is hard to put him back in. Once you open the door to SSM, it opens the door to everything else. Lee, did you hear that Playboy has its first transgender playmate?

  3. It is a whole lot easier to say “No” than “Yes” because if you slay “No” you can always change your mind. But if you say “Yes” it is almost impossible to say “No,” like with legalized abortion, same-sex marriage, legalizing marijuana, etc., etc., etc.

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