Adorable Bunnies

Although I’ve never had a pet rabbit, I’ve always loved bunnies–and the ones in this video are especially lovable.

We had baby cottontails in our garden, some years ago. Cutest little things. One night, I was standing around, smoking my pipe, when three or four of the little rascals came out and started chasing each other around me. I felt like a maypole. The rabbits in this neighborhood get quite tame, and I love their company.

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  1. I defy Joe Collidge to explain that tiny rabbit in the first clip without the hand of a Creator.

    That was great, all of it. The rabbit lying on its back eating a carrot, the young girl singing to her pet. Lots of God’s Stuff in that video. So far, I’ve watched it three times and I’m sure there’ll be more viewings.

    1. Indeed. Ultra cute baby rabbits are a slam-dunk, but even creatures that aren’t so cute are miraculous manifestations of God’s power and His love. As I write, I’m being loved-up by a great little cat whom has been my companion for years. What a wonderful example of God’s love.

  2. Bunnies are among the sweetest of animals. We had bunnies living under our porch for a couple of years, and during the winter, I would feed them each evening. Soon they recognized my footsteps on the porch and would come out of their hiding place and stand up on their hind legs right in front of me, waiting for me to hand them a carrot, which they were not afraid to take from me 🙂 I also put out timothy and alfalfa hay for them to bring into their space for bedding and gave them a variety of foods appropriate for bunnies. I’m happy to report that they came through the winters nice and healthy.

  3. Years ago I had a website dedicated to bunnies called RabbitWorldView. I kept it up monthly for a couple of years and had over 1,000 subscribers to my newsletter, but then Arkansas’ Democratic legislature (thankfully the GOP is now the majority) passed laws that Google had to collect the taxes from the Google Ads that paid for my site, so I had to give it up. I had loads of bunny videos, my most popular pages.

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