Nearing the Bottom of the Barrel…

Democrats and other leftids are persons of infinite resource when it comes to stooping low. Here’s one of their ads, 100% pure race-baiting, for the Virginia gubernatorial election. If you don’t have a barf bag handy, go and get one.

Note the evil white guy with the pickup truck and the Confederate flag–did they borrow him from old Easy Rider out-takes?–chasing and terrorizing the poor innocent Cherished Minority children… Crikey, it’s always “the children.” You oppose one of our policies, you must want to hurt “the children.” Try and guess how many times you’ve heard that from these people. The Big Bad Evil White Guy even scares the poor little Moslem girl–who wears the hijab/headscarf/whatever to bed. To bed? Well, Democrats want to make sure all the minorities know who butters their bread.

Note there are apparently no white Democrat voters. Well, the ad is allegedly paid for by the Latino Victory Fund. I wonder how badly we need Latino victories in our country. I don’t think white people are part of the Democrat equation anymore. Once they set up Virginia as an unlawful Sanctuary State, there’ll be plenty of violent criminals from MS13 to keep it that way.

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I have lived in Metuchen, NJ, all my life. I have been married to my wife Patricia since 1977. I am a former newspaper editor and reporter. I was also the owner-operator of my own small business for several years. I wrote various novels and short stories published during 1980s and 1990s. I am a long-time student of judo and Japanese swordsmanship (kenjutsu). I also play chess, basketball, and military and sports simulations. View all posts by leeduigon

7 responses to “Nearing the Bottom of the Barrel…

  • programmer1971

    Such ads should be unlawful – I agree that they are geared to cause trouble.
    Speaking of which – shouldn’t the FCC be able to use some form of complaints or regulations to penalize or shut down media that has news which is false or pure yellow journalism? I know even Fox makes a mistake here or there, but even my old favorites like 60 minutes have proven to put a definite slant on stories to the extent of hiding much of the truth and garnering public following of their point of view politically – and they should have a responsibility to make efforts to be accurate. When I was doing more traditional broadcasting in the 70s and 80s, we took “fulfilling the public trust” seriously and would not knowingly lead the public one way or another with a newscast. However the station owners would often do “editorials” which could of course have a tilt one way or another depending on their interests… but news folks took (usually) a clean and careful look at the stories and reported them usually unbiased – at least at the stations I worked with. I agree with you Lee, the days of such pride in media and coverage accuracy have long been replaced in most areas by the “buy factor” – where they often do what sells best for their own goals.


  • Linda Sorci

    They’re becoming so predictable. Their methods and message are reprehensible. But that doesn’t seem to slow them down in the least. People have become so dumbed down they can’t even tell when they’re being played. Sad.


  • thewhiterabbit2016

    Saul Linskey still lives in the Democratic Party. He said to accuse your adversary with the very things you are doing yourself. The Left are the haters and the intolerant ones but accuse the Right of it. I am on the Right and know so many others who are on the Right (including Donald Trump) and I experience no hate or racism or intolerance from them at all. I always question, “What are they talking about?” “Where is their evidence?” My conclusion is they are a bunch of liars, and I am strongly against lying and strongly for revealing the truth.


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