Dem Senate Candidate (We Quote): ‘Treat Them People Like S***’

At least two Democrat candidates for Congress in South Carolina have asked their party’s U.S. Senate candidate to step down–after Project Veritas caught her saying what she actually thinks of the people she wants to represent (

Warning: Nooze clip contains carloads of cuss words and vulgarity… because that’s how she talks.

Krystle Matthews says white people “gotta be treated like s***” because “it’s the only way they respect you.” Not that she’s exactly awed by black voters, either. According to Matthews, “I talk white s*** to white voters and black s*** to blacks.” But! “Regardless of race, I love everybody.” We are at liberty to disbelieve this.

Remember when the Senate used to be a place famous for its dignity? Probably that’s always been a lie. It was a given that a certain number of clowns and dingbats would populate the House of Representatives… but not the Senate! Please, no, not the Senate!

Sorry, kid. Senate’s got ’em, too.

Look, I’m from New Jersey, it’s a glass house so I’m not throwing stones. But do the voters of South Carolina really, truly, want this caricature to represent them in the Senate?

Are These People Quite All There?

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If you don’t like her Green New Deal, you must be a racist!

Have Democrats lost their minds?

According to a recent Rasmussen poll, a big chunk of Democrats, 32 percent of ’em, assert that it’s “racist for any white politician to criticize the political views of a politician of color” (

So, if a politician Of Color–do we need a trumpet fanfare for those two words?–stands up in the House of Representatives and says “Repeal the First Amendment,” it would be “racist” for any “white” politician to take issue with that bizarre statement? Thirty-two percent of Democrats say yes, it would.

And that’s only the 32 percent who aren’t afraid to expose themselves as dyed in the wool idiots.

Sorry, but this party has to go: the Democrat Party needs to be over.

Shame on America’s voters if that party survives the next election.

Nearing the Bottom of the Barrel…

Democrats and other leftids are persons of infinite resource when it comes to stooping low. Here’s one of their ads, 100% pure race-baiting, for the Virginia gubernatorial election. If you don’t have a barf bag handy, go and get one.

Note the evil white guy with the pickup truck and the Confederate flag–did they borrow him from old Easy Rider out-takes?–chasing and terrorizing the poor innocent Cherished Minority children… Crikey, it’s always “the children.” You oppose one of our policies, you must want to hurt “the children.” Try and guess how many times you’ve heard that from these people. The Big Bad Evil White Guy even scares the poor little Moslem girl–who wears the hijab/headscarf/whatever to bed. To bed? Well, Democrats want to make sure all the minorities know who butters their bread.

Note there are apparently no white Democrat voters. Well, the ad is allegedly paid for by the Latino Victory Fund. I wonder how badly we need Latino victories in our country. I don’t think white people are part of the Democrat equation anymore. Once they set up Virginia as an unlawful Sanctuary State, there’ll be plenty of violent criminals from MS13 to keep it that way.