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New York Times: Teens Not Having Sex Is ‘Anti-Science’

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Well, now I’ve heard everything.

The New York Times, once the cheerleader for Stalin, says it’s “anti-science” to encourage teenagers not to have sex until they’ve finished school and are emotionally ready for a long-term commitment ( http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2018/05/07/new-york-times-teaching-children-delay-sex-anti-science/). The Times editors say that “defies all common sense.”

They wouldn’t know common sense if it ran up and bit them in the butt.

The Times excoriates the Trump administration for backing efforts to promote abstinence as pregnancy prevention and a sure way to avoid sexually transmitted diseases.

Gee, you mean it isn’t? Like, how are you supposed to get pregnant or get an STD if you don’t have sex?

Maybe by reading the New York Times.

A New Low for CNN

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So there was a White House press briefing the other day, with Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders; and some nozzle from CNN asks, “Sarah, does this administration  believe slavery is wrong?” (https://townhall.com/tipsheet/laurettabrown/2017/10/31/april-ryan-asks-white-house-if-trump-administration-believes-slavery-is-wrong-n2403031)

Well, let’s see… Slavery in America was ended  over 150 years ago, the only places left where it exists are in certain corners of the Muslim world… and they wonder why anyone with an ounce of sense or decency despises today’s nooze media?

“Why, no, Stupid, all of us here at the White House think slavery is right, and that’s why we’ve just opened a slave market on the White House lawn…”

Really, why would you even ask such a question, unless you were an unmitigated ass trying to show off to all the other asses? “Oh, I’m so clever, I could just hug and kiss myself to death! Now they have to deny that they’re in favor of slavery–what a headline!”

To the noozie with nothing but impenetrable wood between her ears: Well, my ancestors were enslaved by the Romans, and what’s anybody gonna do about it? What–you don’t care, because it was so blamed long ago?

The Democrat Party, including its subsidiary known as “the nooze media,” is the race-baiting party: and slavery, albeit so long ago, the best damned thing that ever happened to it. A race riot is music to their ears, the sweetest music that they know.

They richly deserve to be put out of business forever.


Fake News: CNN Caught Red-Handed

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Oops! Three “top journalists” at CNN have had to resign, blamed for a boisterously untrue CNN “news” story about President Donald Trump’s mythical Russian connection, and the head honcho at CNN, Jeff Zucker, is now getting flak coming his way (http://www.breitbart.com/big-journalism/2017/06/26/fox-newss-sean-hannity-calls-for-cnns-jeff-zucker-to-be-fired-in-wake-of-fake-news-scandal/). It kind of hurt him that he was caught on videotape saying the whole Russia story is–we quote–“bullshit.”

Well, like, who didn’t know that? Except for deeply dyed-in-the-wool liberals?

Our nooze media is an institution that not only doesn’t work anymore, but refuses to function as it should. It’s supposed to give us accurate information, once upon a time called “news,” which we as citizens can use as a basis for rational decision-making. But “news” is now “nooze”–a species of myth-making.

No one has been more complicit than the nooze media in the Global Warming hoax. But even more flagrantly, right before our eyes, they have tried to create the myth, “the Russians stole the election from Hillary!” and use it to undermine President Trump–even to get him ousted from office, if they can.

They’re also busy creating yet another myth: “Obamacare was a fantastic success, America loved it, and if the Republicans repeal it, there won’t be any healthcare anymore for anybody and you’re all gonna die, die, die–eeeyaaah!”

What are we supposed to do, if we can’t get any reliable information about current events? If everything we read in the papers and see on the TV news is very likely to be a lie?  Where does that leave us?

If those questions ever did occur to the nooze magnates as they corrupted and debased their industry, I think the answer must have been, “Who cares?”

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