How Much Worse Can It Get?


The grin of pure idiocy

I’m beginning to think the transgender push may be the worst thing that’s happened in my lifetime. The pace is alarmingly fast–almost too fast to keep track of.

Latest: a Pew Research poll finds that 77% of Democrats with four years or more of college believe “sex is not determined at birth” (

Well, what do you expect from Democrats? And what do you expect from college? But still, that’s millions of people, millions of deluded idiots spouting this abominable twaddle.

And note the language creep within the poll, the repetition of the formula, “the sex they were assigned at birth.” What do they mean, assigned? Assigned by whom? An assignment necessarily implies an assigner. Uh, that would be God, wouldn’t it? So here are all these grinning moral imbeciles saying God’s assignments are wrong, He just can’t get it right. In fact, by insisting that reality is whatever we say it is, we assert that we are God.

I don’t know where this is taking us, but I’ll bet you anything it ends very badly. Very badly indeed, and with either a loud crash or a sickening soft plop.

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  1. The other day I saw a report stating that by the year 2035, the male population will be unable to procreate. I’d say that’s a pretty bad ending.

    1. Both ancient Greece and Rome had this problem and it did not end well for them. Historian Jerome Carcopino said that many Roman marriages by the end of the second century were childless. “By copying men too closely the Roman woman succeeded more rapidly in emulating man’s vices than in squiring his strength.” -Anthony Esolen

      Cicero said of the decline of the Spartan population, “Spartan girls care more for wrestling, bathing in the River Eurotas, the sun, dust, and martial exercise than they do for the barbarous bearing of offspring.” It would seem they also had their gender identity problems.

    2. The parallels are amazing.

      In my own family, my two sets of grandparents each had 6 children. By the next generation, my generation, there were 9 grandchildren on on side, 14 on the other. The side with 9 grandchildren managed to produce only 6 great-grandchildren and only 5 great-great-grandchildren that I am aware of. The side with 14 grandchildren managed to produce 18 great-grandchildren but the next generation is far less than that.

      Now most of these people are practicing Christians and not of the elite in any sense of the word. Two very fertile families which intersected to produce my immediate family have, at the very least tapered off considerably and are no longer reproducing at replacement rate. I have a handful of living cousins at this point and a reunion of every member of my grandparent’s descendants could be held in a single room. That’s scary stuff!

      Over ten years ago, I told a Native American acquaintance that he would live to see the decline and fall of Western Civilization and I stand by my words.

      Amen, come quickly Lord Jesus.

    3. Religious families always have more children than secular families. Note the high birth rates of Muslims. They compare to what used to be the norm here. The more secular a society becomes, the less children it has. The majority of the leaders of Europe, for instance, are childless. As a result they have no real stake in the future.

  2. Well, actually, those collidge-edjicated Democrats are right — sex isn’t determined at birth; it’s determined at conception. But that would mean a new human being is begun at conception, so we can’t ask the question that way. Those collidge-edjicated Democrats believe that the child doesn’t exist at all until birth … if then.

    1. Peter Singer, “America’s greatest philosopher since John Dewey” (give me strength), says parents ought to have an additional three months after birth in which to kill their babies.

      And the beauty of it is, they’ll all still be voting Democrat long after they’ve been iced.

    2. “And the beauty of it is, they’ll all still be voting Democrat long after they’ve been iced.”

      It all makes sense, now. 🙂

  3. No matter how bad it is, it can always get worse. Wait for the genetically modified CRISPR babies when people can have any kind of baby they want. Then wait for the State to decide for them. Hopefully, the age ends before this horror.

    1. I sometimes forget it’s not about us, it’s about Him. Thank you for sharing your wisdom, UnKnowable.

    2. I’m not trying to get the last word – lol – but your comments inspire me. For us believers, “uncertainty” is an illusion. For the left, certainty is a delusion. Thanks again.

  4. Richard Dawkins was asked if he believed in God, and he said “no”, he believed in Natural Selection. And there you have the push for Transgenderism, it’s Natural Selection in real time – NOT!!!!

    1. He was also asked, by Ben Stein, he he believed space aliens might have “seeded” our planet with life, which ultimately evolved into climbit scientists and Democrats. To that he said “Yes!” and then complained bitterly about Stein making him look like a dicky-doo-dah.

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