‘It Was on the News!’

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I’m in the doctor’s office, waiting to pay my bill, and two women behind the counter were arguing about whether their iPhone could or couldn’t do a certain thing. The one had her phone in her hand and said, “Look! See! It can’t do that!”

But the other only said, and she must have said it twenty times, “But I saw it on the news! It was on the news!”

So “the news” is now the gold standard of absolute truth? Even trumping the evidence of your own senses? If it’s on the news, it must be true?

What about stuff that wasn’t on the news? Never happened? Doesn’t exist? Can’t be true because it wasn’t on the news? I think of people that I know who never heard of the Climategate scandal because the Democrat TV nooze refused to report it. This was proof, beyond a reasonable doubt, that the whole Climbit Change business is a fraud. But no–it wasn’t on the news. Global Warming was, though, so Global Warming must be true.

Even when the noozies aren’t just plain lying to us, or suppressing unwelcome information, leaving things out that would otherwise refute The Narrative, the nooze can always fall back on sloppiness or ignorance. I have been a reporter and an editor: I know. Very little effort is made, anymore, to tell the truth.

There were, of course, other news outlets, many of them from Britain, that did bother to report Climategate. With a little extra effort, and the Internet, you could find out all about it. But if you’re just going to sit in front of Democrat TV and take only what they give you, there’s no hope you’ll ever get the straight story. It’s distressing to think there are so many people out there to whom that description applies.

The power of the nooze media is a terrible thing, and it’s doing us no good.

3 comments on “‘It Was on the News!’

  1. The main stream news media in all its forms is told what to say each day via a script they all follow, paid for by our alphabet soup agencies, among others. We are purposely lied to each day, and spoon-fed what garbage they decide we should swallow any particular day. The few voices trying to bring truth forward are harassed, threatened and eventually silenced one way or another.

    Disgraceful, disgusting, outrageous.

    The universities have done their job too, indoctrinating the younger generation to accept whatever they’re told because ‘it was on the news!’

  2. Television is a hypnotist and a perfect vehicle for manipulating and misleading people. There is an OFF button, and it’s the best feature of any TV set.

  3. The Leftids noose outlets go on and on about all the lies President Trump tells but never name even one of them. The fact that they are saying it makes it true (to numbskulls). Their favorite line in interviewing Conservatives is “Your critics say,” yet they never name even one of them.

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