Bird Serenades Bunny

It takes this cockatiel a minute or two to find his muse, but then he breaks into a Star Wars tune, followed by his masterful rendition of the Jeopardy theme. The bunny discreetly withdraws, missing the best part of the concert.

God put a lot more into animals than we ever thought.

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  1. How do they do that? I’m much more impressed by their timing than just the pitches they match. That Jeopardy these has some syncopation and the bird gets it.

    1. Not the bird brains we sometimes think of them as being. 🙂

      I just read an interesting piece on the comparison between human intelligence and machine intelligence. Essentially, making a machine as smart as a knat would be challenging.

    2. I agree completely. Machine intelligence is more fanciful that a herd of unicorns climbing a jeweled ladder to the moon. It’s a complete farce. Artificial intelligence, is just that.

      For instance, if you setup a website to have a database of zip codes and when you select a zip code it automatically loads the proper city and state name, that would be artificial intelligence. The computer has no intelligence whatsoever, it’s just a way for a programmer to build some logic into the computer program.

      The problem comes when something is setup to use this sort of judgment above and beyond its reliable limits. If a site uses AI to determine some fact about you and doesn’t allow the end user to override its determination you can end up with something useless. I’ve done some programming myself, but I don’t have much respect for a lot of the programming I’ve seen of late.

    3. The belief in, and expectations of, “artificial intelligence” are starting to sound as crazy as “But it was on the news!”

    4. Ravens are said to be smarter than chimps. I’m not sure how the evolutionist reconciles that one.

  2. One of the biggest problems is that most people have no idea what that term means to the people that actually invented it. It wasn’t, at least originally, some notion that machines can think, they can’t, never have and never will. ALL that ANY machine can do is evaluate information entered into it and respond as it is programmed to respond.

    Let me give you another example of AI and how wrong it can be. I once bought a book about Lincoln and how he was taught to have suffered from chronic depression. Because I bought a book about depression I started to see ads from places that treat depression. The machine was “taught” that when someone has the word “depression” in a search, that person must be depressed and it finds ads accordingly. If you go to Amazon and look for movies marketed towards members of the LDS church, Amazon will suggest items of interest to Mormons, because somewhere, a programmer created an algorithm which says if a person searches for certain things they are likely to be interested in certain other items.

    If you have an account and you log into it and search for something, anything, Amazon’s site will make suggestions based upon things other people have bought after searching for that same item. If you were to search for hair spray it would suggest hair brushes. If you search for razor blades it’ll suggest shaving cream. That’s all AI is, in many cases; figuring out some probability based upon some bit of information it derives from you.

    I’l give you an example that doesn’t even involve a computer. Once you get a few miles east of here, there’s not much on the way of cities until you reach Las Cruces, NM, or El Paso, TX. so when you get 30-50 miles east of here, the assumption is made that you are likely going to one of those places and the billboards advertise businesses in those locations. If you are on the Interstate which leads to El Paso, you are probably going to El Paso, AI at work. Drive towards Las Vega and you see advertising for Vegas. Drive towards LA and you see billboards for LA. AI is just programming computers to gather information based on what you are doing or what you are searching for, and then making assumptions based on what it gathers.

    Search for retirement communities and the algorithm will assume you are a senior citizen. Search for dancing shoes and the algorithm will assume that you dance. The problem comes when these are misapplied in some way. For example, if I search for heart medication, I may be helming a friend or relative and that’s no indication that I have heart trouble. If I buy a lot of sweets or a lot of liquor at the grocery store that doesn’t mean that I’m consuming all of it, I could be buying it on behalf of a shut-in neighbor. That’s really the danger I see in AI, it mechanizes jumping to conclusions.

  3. Very cute and smart little bird 🙂 but the bunny could have showed a bit more appreciation lol

    All of this AI stuff is insanity to me- especially since they plan to bring bible prophecy to pass insofar as they – those whose consciousness has been uploaded into these machines – will wish to die and death will flee from them. Apparently, they didn’t get the memo about iron and clay not mixing. They should spend a little time weighing the outcome. But, then again, I suppose we’re too far along in that area to turn back: CERN, Quantum Computing, D-Wave, Sophia the Saudi Citizen. . . On and on it goes.

    1. There’s one thin they forget in all of this, yank the cord out of the wall and your super-smart computer forgets everything it was “thinking” about.

    2. Unless they have some sort of super duper battery backup. This is all really freaky to me.

    3. When I was 10 years old or so, I read a story in a comic book about a gigantic super-computer–you remember how big computers had to be, back then–that became the tyrant of the world–until the guy who invented it, now reduced to being a janitor, pulled out the plug.

    4. Poetic justice!

      There’s always something going wrong – glitches, freeze-ups, viruses, etc. Really, the whole idea is terrifying for many reasons.

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