‘Hiring a Social Justice Warrior’

I keep telling you we’re going to have a colossal social problem, trying to figure out what to do with millions of college graduates who are unemployable, ignorant, confrontational, lazy, and, in the words of the personnel guy in this video, “insufferably annoying.”

And that’s putting it mildly.

13 comments on “‘Hiring a Social Justice Warrior’

    1. Amen! It’s tragic. These young people or their parents are saddled with huge debt with barely a chance at a decent employment opportunity, much less chipping away at nearly insurmountable loans. Indoctrination has been substituted for education and chances are it will take decades, if not generations, to turn this around – that is, if anyone has the will to do so by then.

    1. I was hoping she was just an actor playing a part… although there are now millions of ’em just like this, and who knows what to do with them?

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