Collidge it Is Post Poaned!

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I cant rite no assay to-day becose Collidge it Is Post Poaned!! That “is” becose we has al got to play whithPlay-Dogh it Is “a” Protest aginst Donold Trumpt so he wil Resine “and” make Hillery “The” Pressadint!

So i cant rite nothing and “it” is “no” Use tryin to get me to do it!! Yiu see wenh Trumpt he finds “out” we are al making Trump doles out of Play Doo and we Are “going” To stick Pins in them And twissed the lags off them,, he wil be tarrified and he will jist Quitt!! if he dont then his Orgins thay wil alll hurt but Good!

Jist think Of it!!! Milians and Milians of Playdo Dollys! al sticked ful of Pins! and that is Waht i wuld “rite” abuot if I was ritting “any”thing Today!!!

Yes he “is” going To “get it” now!! Now al us Introllecturals we mein Bussniss!!! No more Niceness! we Are going “To” stick himb ware it Hurts! And then he wil know we are “Not” fooling aruond no moar!! and he wil jist has to Stop doin al that Intra-Sexinality that hes beeen doing! butt i prombissed my Prefesser i wuldnt rite abote it so i woont! that way It “whil” take him by Supprize and it wil be “tooo late” for him to do nothing abote it!!!

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  1. This is the second time this week that the subject of voodoo dolls has come into my life. The first time was a joke, much like people that think voodoo dolls will force Trump from office are a joke.

    BTW, today it was announced that the US Embassy will be moved to Jerusalem to coincide with Israel’s Independence Day. This could become interesting.

  2. Poor Joe. You’ll be wasting an awful lot of play doh and pins. The thing about voodoo is in order for it to werk, you has to baleeve in it. The other problem is, there’s a rumor goin’ around that Hil-liary isn’t reely her. Word is she’s been cloned.

    Now there’s a nightmare!

    1. Those phony “town hall” wingdings really cheese me off. Democrats think everybody’s too stupid to see through their dog and pony show.

  3. Joe Collidge and all his fellow collidge studints should be making “the” laws becuase thei knows best wat “is” good for the contrey. (Or at least that’s what CNN and their leftid friends are saying now.)

    1. Oh, I was gonna blog about that–I was saving it for tomorrow!
      Betcha anything some of those college-bound high school stodints didn’t know a square root symbol when they saw it.

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