‘How Firm a Foundation’

I had occasion to quote from this hymn yesterday, and it stayed with me all day, so I decided that I ought to post it–How Firm a Foundation. I remember: our church hymnal called it “Portuguese hymn,” and we sang it to the tune of O Come, All Ye Faithful. Were we the only ones who did that?

Sung here by the Norton Hall Band at Southern Seminary.

‘He Will Hold Me Fast’

I thought you might like this one from the Norton Hall Band, at Southern Seminary–He Will Hold Me Fast.

By Request, ‘There Is a Fountain Filled with Blood’

SlimJim asked for this one, There Is a Fountain Filled with Blood. Here we have it performed by the Norton Hall Band, at Southern Seminary.

Lent is here, so keep those hymn requests coming!

‘What Makes Us Different’

“Come Ye Sinners” (Norton Hall Band): Andrea has provided the lyrics in her blog post.

By Andrea Schwartz on the Chalcedon blog, “What Makes Us Different” reminds us that the fallen world hates Christ and hates Christians and Christianity–and it doesn’t matter!


Only Christianity offers healing and forgiveness to sinners–and we’re all sinners. We don’t have to scramble to rack up good works, only to fall short by one or two. Jesus Christ has paid our bill: paid it on the cross, paid in full.

‘How Firm a Foundation’ (Norton Hall Band)

If there’s a hymn with more inspiring lyrics than How Firm a Foundation, I don’t know what it is. This performance is by the Norton Hall Band, at Southern Seminary. Relax and get into it.

Hello to new viewers out there! We like to start every day around here with a hymn, and we love to take your hymn requests. Just “Leave a Comment,” stating whatever hymn you’d like to see posted here, and we’ll do the rest.

‘Holy, Holy, Holy’

There are some mornings when the nooze is just so bad, you can’t go one step farther without a hymn. This is the hymn that enables me to take that step today: Holy, Holy, Holy, performed by the Norton Hall Band at Southern Seminary.

Hymn Request/Sneak Preview, ‘I Stand Amazed’

This hymn had only been up on youtube for an hour this morning, when Susan spotted it; so hey, everybody, you are now among the first to see this video–I Stand Amazed, by the Norton Hall Band. I’ll be surprised if it doesn’t have at least 10,000 views by the end of this day.

‘Be Thou My Vision’ (Norton Hall Band)


Be Thou My Vision has been one of my favorite hymns ever since I first heard it, as a boy. But it’s a lot older than that. This Irish hymn is from the Eighth Century. Think about that. It was 300 years old when William the Conqueror set sail for England. And it can be performed with modern instruments and still lose absolutely nothing in the translation–as proved here by the Norton Hall Band. I would very much like for this particular hymn to stay with me all day today.

‘Holy, Holy, Holy’ (Norton Hall Band)

This is the hymn that was in my mind last night and this morning–Holy, Holy, Holy. I believe I ought to go with such promptings when I get them. This version is by the Norton Hall Band at Southern Seminary.

I’m told I have a hymn request somewhere in the email, so I hope you don’t mind if I go with that, too. If I can find it.

By Request: ‘All Creatures of Our God and King’

Requested by Susan: the Norton Hall Band performing All Creatures of Our God and King.

You know me. My idea of a hymn is a lady in a flowered dress playing the piano, with ordinary people singing along like they really mean it. But here we have a classic hymn with a modern musical arrangement–and it’s great! Thank you, Susan.