U Cal Offers Grants for ‘Feminist Research’

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When can you be absolutely sure a looniversity has way too much money?

When it starts handing out $10,000 grants to professors who employ “feminist ethics and methodologies” in their research, on topics like “Feminist Perspectives on Food Waste” and “Gendered and Racialized Epistemologies” (https://www.campusreform.org/?ID=10688). The looniversity here is U Cal Davis.

And they’re doing it with your money, suckers. Money that you worked for. They’ve got this Feminist Research Institute that forks over your money to the silliest damnfool projects they can find. Then they laugh at you.

And you send your sons and daughters to these looniversities because_______. Gee, I keep doing that and no one has yet made a serious attempt to fill in the blank.

Maybe there ought to be a contest, with a cash prize to anyone who can cogently explain what “feminist ethics and methodologies” might be. A win here could be the start of a great career in comedy.

Higher education, hot dog! Wasting your money by the truckload–and despising you while they do it.

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  1. On Fox’s “Life, Liberty, & Levin” show, Larry Arn of Hillsdale College was the guest. He said the 500 page gov’t statement on how colleges get grant money was unreadable except for one person on his staff. I noticed this when i went back to college in 2012. They word simple things in such a way you can’t figure out what the heck they are trying to say (have your read any Common Core standards lately?)..

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