Our DIY Tower of Babel

In Genesis 11, God confounded our language because the human race sought to be like gods.

Now we do it ourselves.

Kathy Areu, founder and publisher of Catalina Magazine, provides Tucker Carlson with a tutorial on how to use “Ze, Yo, Xie” and the rest of the eight new pronouns invented by dunderheads and “accepted,” as she puts it so enthusiastically, “by the LGBTQIA community” and lots and lots of colleges!

The brand-new pronouns, she prattles, are “smarter, not offensive, and totally forward-thinking!” To which she adds, “All change is good.” Oh, and this: “You can choose whichever pronoun you’re comfortable with.” Within 50 years, she predicts, all of this new stuff will have wiped out all of the old stuff and no one will remember them bad old pronouns like “he” or “she.”

Can I please wake up now? I promise to be good, if I won’t have any more dreams like this…


7 comments on “Our DIY Tower of Babel

  1. All change is good, huh? So if Ms. Areu changes all the pronouns and I want to change them back, that’s also good, huh? How about if someone wants to change from liberal thought to conservative thought? Also good?

    All the talk about being “forward-looking” reminds me of an old Father Brown mystery story, in which two men are walking around and around a building, one in pursuit of the other. The problem is that those watching mistake the pursuer for the pursued (and vice-versa), because when things are going around in a circle, it’s hard to tell which is in front and which is in back. Cultural cycles are the same way. In another place, Chesterton also remarks that each generation picks a quarrel with its father and finds itself agreeing with its grandfather.

    So I’d say ho-hum about the whole thing — except that the leftists now have the power to punish those who don’t affirm the latest shibboleths.

    1. It was on Hillary’s official Democrat platform to have the AG “investigate” the new crime of Climbit Change Denial.

  2. I think Tucker has Ms. Areu on his show for comedy relief. She is such a wacko it is embarrassing. I always fast-forward the show when she’s on – what a moron. She has bought into Progressivism 100%, believing everything is in flux and the past has nothing to do with the future. Sometimes I think the demon that animates her is going to come out of her right there on TV just to show how bold it is.

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