Dems Politicize Mother’s Day

Again we wonder if anyone can honestly believe this **** without being mentally ill.

Here’s an ad trotted out by Democrats on Mother’s Day. Alas, Mom sends her wee boy to collidge and he turns into a pro-life white supremacist Nazi/hater/biggit–even a Trump supporter (gasp!). She shoulda noticed something when he started stealing from poor kids less fortunate than himself. Then she got an eyeful of his Nazi “college buddies” and knew it was too late.

Are these people quite all there? What “college” is that supposed to represent? In what galaxy far, far away do you find a college where the students turn into pro-lifers?

“This Mother’s Day,” the rueful mom concludes, “talk to your children about the GOP. I wish I had.” ‘Cause Republicans, ya see, are all thieves and haters and biggits oh my–!

Actually, she concludes with a belt of vodka. Maybe that sheds some light on her overall mind-set.

Some observers think this ad might somehow hurt Democrats, I guess by showing normal people how intensely the Democrats loathe them.

Anything that hurts Democrats helps America.

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    1. Sad, but true. I don’t think that the majority of Americans are left-leaning, but sadly they are indeed a “silent majority”, many of whom shrug in resignation. Hopefully the center of this nation will wake up in time.

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