Mandatory Transgender Dating???

I almost didn’t have the stomach to post this.

Tucker Carlson discovered this video tweet from a “transgender” wacko who denounces normal men for being “exclusionary of transgender dating partners” and suggesting that society–that is, the government–might want to change that. It leaves Carlson wondering about whether our future might hold “mandatory transgender dating.”

I hear some of you going “Yeah, right, haw-haw-haw!” and making rude noises. Once upon a time that was how we reacted if anyone brought up the possibility of legal marriage between individuals of the same sex. Now you might get punished for not going along with that. Given the perilous condition of our culture’s health, you can’t rule out anything.

The absurd meets the abominable, and together they’re a tag team.

11 comments on “Mandatory Transgender Dating???

    1. Let’s take the most emotionally charged word, transgender, out of the argument and just look at the words mandatory dating.

      If someone told me that it was mandatory that I date ANYONE I would suggest that they take a hike. If I choose to date anyone at any time that is my business and no one else’s. So what’s next, giving equal time to dating people of every imaginable demographic? The whole notion is totally contrary to the most basic of human rights.

    2. A few years ago there was a kook in the Ontario Human Rights Commission who suggested that government ought to step in and require that each person’s circle of friends be “diverse.”

      Leftids love making everything mandatory. I wonder if you could trick them into endorsing Bible reading, if you made it mandatory.

  1. I record Tucker Carlson’s show every night. That way, when I get a chance to watch it I can fast forward the really stupid Leftids he loves to put on to debate so he can show their irrationality – and also the commercials. Transgender people are messed up and need spiritual help – that’s where the church is suppose to come in.

  2. How did we ever get to this point in society??? Sick and sad. And twisted. I did love your quote: “The absurd meets the abominable, and together they’re a tag team.”

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