A Rabbit’s Role-Reversal

“There’s something you don’t see every day, Chauncey.”

“What’s that, Edgar?”

“Rabbit chasing a dog.”

And my question is, what does he do with it if he catches it?

P.S.–Can anyone remember what cartoon occasionally featured the above-cited Chauncey and Edgar? I could look it up, but first I want to sift my memory.

7 comments on “A Rabbit’s Role-Reversal

  1. That is funny. Reminds me of the time I saw a bird chasing a cat out of the back yard. It was a stray cat, and the bird didn’t want it here, I guess.

  2. They look like they’re having an awful lot of fun! They’ve figured out how to play and be friends. How cute 🙂

    And I really can’t remember Chauncey and Edgar at all – no bells ringing here.

    1. Now that I remember 🙂 Anybody remember Tom Terrific (always wearing a funnel on his head) and his dog Mighty Manfred the Wonder Dog?

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