Evil, Aimed at Children

This is so grotesque, so morally down the drain, you may have difficulty believing it. But we’re talking about people who chant “Hail, Satan!” when they demonstrate for “abortion rights.”

The Drag Queen Story Hour (https://www.dragqueenstoryhour.org/) wants to seep into your local kindergarten or your public library and provide very young children with “unabashedly queer role models.” Check out the pictures. If I’d ever seen something like this when I was five years old, I’d still be having nightmares about it today.

Uh, hello… hello? How come one single atheist, with one complaint, can stop the school’s annual Christmas concert, but no amount of parental protests can keep the LGBT vampires out of the kindergarten classroom. We pay for these facilities! Why must we tolerate what we pay for being used against us, to freak out our kids and undermine our families? If the school or the public library is going to bring in Drag Queen Story Hour, the town should at least allow us to withhold our taxes. These schools and public libraries ought to belong to us, because we pay for them. They should not be used as culture-killers.

Like I say, they’re gonna need a bigger hell.

Because that’s where these fools are headed if they don’t repent and change their course.

7 comments on “Evil, Aimed at Children

  1. My revulsion is indescribable. And you bring up a great point, Lee. It would be an interesting debate at a local town hall meeting – no say-so, no taxes. Perfect!

  2. I think that we’ll see people taking a stand on this. It is our taxes, which is collectively the will of the people. Sooner or later, people will get a clue.

  3. The problem is there is not enough push back. The LGBTWXYZ activists are very organized, and there is no counter-organization to rival them. At least none of any consequence. If they get their way nothing will be sacred.

    1. The reason there’s no counter-organization is that normal people have normal lives, and don’t spend all their waking time agitating and working for an agenda. This gives the ungodly an advantage over us, politically.

      But I don’t understand why we persist in handing our children over to them for “education.” That, at least, we should stop doing.

  4. This is all happening because the church has been asleep. She has swallowed the lie that this is the end of the age and believers will be raptured out of the world before the Great Tribulation so why bother to polish brass on a sinking ship. Now that this destructive doctrine is finally going by the wayside maybe the awakened church can get back to her mandate to disciple the nations while seeking first the kingdom of God.

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