What Do They Get Out of It?

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If this image does not disturb you, what will?

That item about the Drag Queen Story Hour really cheesed me off, and also made me wonder–why in the world are liberals doing this? Do they honestly, truly want their little boys to grow up to be drag queens? Transgenders? I mean, what do they think they’re going to get out of this? Someone give me a clue!

Another point that mystifies me is, why do we, who are not them, continue to tolerate this? It’s our hard-earned tax money being used against us. It’s our children who are being exposed to this. It’s our country, our culture, that’s being debased and befouled. Why do we not defend ourselves and our families? Are we that terrified of being branded un-cool?

What kind of world are these people trying to make? A world of total sexual confusion? Who benefits from that? Do they truly hate goodness, decency, and wholesomeness that much? Do they have no fear of God? Are they convinced He will not judge them?

Well, at least they’re making it harder and harder for normal people just to toss it off as harmlessly eccentric characters just doing their own thing. It’s very much more than that.

Some of you believe this business is satanic, inspired and orchestrated by a supernatural force of evil.

I don’t know how to answer that.

8 comments on “What Do They Get Out of It?

  1. Drag queens are artists. That’s like saying you don’t want your kid to grow up to be a painter. Also. You don’t “grow up to be transgendered”. Educate yourself.

    1. Some people also think the the crucifix in urine is “art”, but it’s akin to putting lipstick on a pig.

  2. Here’s my take.

    Satan hates man. We are the only creation made in His image. Satan wants to destroy man. He’s been at it for 6000 years. That’s why the abortion issue is pushed so hard as well.

    A genderless society won’t produce offspring, and transgender is one step away from transhuman. That’s the next move. Man joined up with machine. No more humanity as God created us.

    The people are so deluded, asleep and busy with their latest new gadgets it’s looking more doubtful every day that they’ll wake up in time.

  3. Linda, you have stated the case perfectly. I could not agree more. Satan knows he has only a little time left, and he is pulling out all the stops to destroy as many of God’s created people as he can. These people who follow him and so deceived, they are drugged on evil.

  4. Romans Chapter One tells us plainly that God has given perverts over to a depraved mind. What’s alarming is how the perversion has grown so fast in such a short amount of time – it’s kind of like a virus. We have the cure, faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and His work on the cross for the redemption of the world.

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