Biden Too Far-Out Even for the Pope

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“Incoherent?” Me???

Pope Francis I, who has come up with more than a few prize whoppers in his time, says he can’t make head nor tail of SloJo Biden’s position on abortion–which he has called “incoherent” and incomprehensible (

I wouldn’t have thought it possible that you could take a moral position which this pope would find objectionable. But Joe’s been in politics a long time. If he couldn’t do it, nobody can.

SloJo, who calls himself “a devout Catholic” (where do they learn to lie like that?), is on record supporting abortion under all circumstances, no restrictions whatsoever.

Catholic teaching calls abortion a moral sin. If any pope is going to deviate from that, he might as well find another job. Not even Francis, “the Red Pope,” friend to communism, world government, neo-paganism, Amazon fertility goddesses–not even he can follow SloJo that far out onto the abortion limb. It might break off.

We are seeing a plan for human extinction, engineered by fools who don’t know they’re under Satan’s direction, play itself out before our very eyes. A) Abort every baby they can. B) Provide sterility-causing “gender reassignment” to those who get past the abortionist: at the very least, sell them on LGBTQetc.–no babies that way. C) Shoot ’em up with experimental “vaccines” that might hasten them on to the morgue. D) Always offer assisted suicide as an option, worthy of the highest praise and emulation.

This is their plan for ridding the world of humanity.

Just a little too far-out even for this pope.

Do They Really Think We’re Buying This?

US President Joe Biden kneels before Rivka Ravitz, Israeli President Reuven Rivlin's chief of staff, after learning she has 12 children (Haim Zach/GPO)

Self-alleged president Joe Biden is in hot water with the U.S. Catholic bishops for his enthusiastic support for abortion. He wants it both ways: he wants to parade his Catholicism, but at the same time, promote abortion–which, of course, is flagrantly opposed to church teaching.

So he gets a visit at the White House from the outgoing president of Israel, who was accompanied by an aide–an ultra-Orthodox woman who’s had 12 children.

And Biden takes a knee! Like, wow, twelve children! Boy, do I ever respect her! Just look how much I respect her!

Oh, please. You could cut the hypocrisy with a machete. In fact, you’d need a machete. It’s that thick.

Are the U.S. bishops going to fall for this?

Only if they want to fall for it! It’d save them some trouble with the Vatican, and the Red Pope–who want to keep on giving communion to “Catholic” politicians who support and promote abortion. Of whom Biden is the chief.

God help us.

Another Blogger Censored by Facebook

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The puppy is here to protect me from being censored.

Our friend Caralyn, at , is the latest to be censored by Facebook–simply for taking a pro-life stance against New York’s new law permitting late-term abortion right up until the moment of birth.

Caralyn posted what she describes as “a passionately pro-life” message on her blog, “Nightmare in New York” (, on Jan. 28. It was passionate, all right; but it contained no incitement to violence, no profanity, no personal abuse of anyone involved. She merely voiced an opinion shared by tens of millions of Americans. In short, there was nothing there that invited censorship; but Facebook banned her anyway. Four times she tried to advertise her post; four times Facebook shut her down.

“Evil is on the prowl in New York,” she wrote. She was appalled by the enthusiasm with which Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed abortion expansion into law. Cuomo, as she pointed out, is “a professing Catholic”; and she strongly criticized New York Cardinal Timothy Dolan who “has done nothing publicly” to, er, remind Cuomo that what he has advocated is a sin–murder–and dramatically opposed to all Catholic teachings.

What? She’s not allowed to say that? You can think it, but you can’t say it? What kind of public discussion of a controversial issue bans a whole side of the argument?

Doctrinaire “conservatives,” who never seem all that interested in conserving anything, will disagree with me: but I’m now convinced that the social media giants, including Facebook, need to be subjected to some kind of antitrust action. They are functioning as a monopoly, trying to ensure that only Far Left opinions can be published. Given the importance of the social media in what ought to be a public dialogue, it must not be allowed to be a monopoly. Trump administration, we need you to put a stop to this.

If all the news outlets in America were owned by the same few people, and presented only one side of any issue, and stifled all dissent, we would think our country was being very poorly served. That is not what our founders intended when they wrote freedom of the press into the First Amendment.

I can only believe that the left-wing social media resort to censorship because they’re afraid our side will win the argument.

Priest Punished for Calling on Pro-Aborts to Repent

Image result for picture of a catholic priest celebrating mass

Why does the Catholic Church–and they’re not the only ones who do this–sometimes act like it disapproves of Catholic teachings?

Ireland recently voted to end pro-life protection for unborn babies and legalize abortion. If you voted for this wicked measure, a priest in Dublin told his congregation, you need to come to confession and repent. So the diocese yanked him out of his parish and assigned him to another post where he won’t be allowed to preach (

Don’t sneer at Ireland. Here in America, Catholic colleges and looniversities routinely flout church teaching and get away with it. Are the bishops all in hibernation? What would it take to wake them up?

Some years ago Cardinal Raymond Burke, who withheld communion from Catholic politicians (Democrats all) who vote for abortion, was transferred out of his diocese, then kicked upstairs to the Vatican, and then kicked back downstairs again: I’ve lost track of where he is now. Cardinal Burke’s trouble is, he just won’t shut up. Something gave him the idea that a Catholic clergyman ought to stand for Catholic doctrine. The church acts like people who do that are a problem.

There are plenty of Protestant denominations who do the same–enough to make me doubt the Christianity of the institutional church.

When the Son of Man returns, will He find faith on the earth?

Depends on where you look, Lord. Depends on where you look.