More Spiritual Pollution

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So tell me how we’re not incurring more spiritual pollution, as a nation, by entertaining evil stuff like this?

Abortion is “an event to be celebrated.” ‘Cause “a fetus is not a person.”

This is the latest hashtag horse****, “Shout Your Abortion,” and mega-star Oprah Winfrey has endorsed it in the July issue of her O magazine ( As the most famous moral imbecile in America, Oprah has a lot of clout. There are rumors that some of her fans–probably only a few million of ’em, nothin’ to get excited about–don’t particularly resonate to Oprah’s new baby-killing look.

But I think we figured this out a couple of years ago when pro-aborts chanted “Hail, Satan!” in their demonstration.

There is probably a limit to the amount of spiritual pollution we can accumulate before our society chokes to death on it. I would rather not be here when we reach that limit.

4 comments on “More Spiritual Pollution

  1. And God always waits until an evil nation has their cup of iniquity full before He finally wipes them out. I can not see how our “cup” could
    hold much more before running over.

  2. Legalize abortion on demand has been a plague on this nation since 1973. Fortunately, with the installing of Brett Cavanaugh as a Supreme Court justice Roe v. Wade may not be overturned right away, but almost any law restricting abortion by the States will stand. When evil comes in like a flood, the LORD raises up a standard against it. Judah thought it was all over for them as a nation when Israel took them into captivity, but the prophet Obed delivered the word of the Lord and Israel repented and returned the people and spoils of Judah in a compassionate way.

  3. That’s exactly what happened with the Hittites. We seem, as a civilization, to be moving ever closer to their behavior.

    1. I thought the Hittite Empire fell because of massive barbarian invasions, with little pieces of it lingering on, here and there throughout the Mideast, for a few more centuries.

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