My Newswithviews Column, Aug. 23 (‘Internet Censorship: Running Wild’)

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Since I wrote this, a reader, “John Jr.,” has alerted me to some further information about WordPress deciding to ban Fellowship of the Minds. This argues that WordPress succumbed to heavy pressure from the fake news giant, The New York Times. I haven’t had time to check that.

Leftids don’t believe in free speech. The only freedoms they believe in are bogus “rights” invented just the other day: the “right” to enjoy any kind of fornication that your heart desires, the right to sponge off normal people, and the right to silence anyone who isn’t you.

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  1. “Free speech must include unpopular speech. In fact, if it doesn’t, then the very concept of free speech is rendered meaningless—as it has certainly become, in the minds of liberals. They try to shut down anything that they don’t want to hear, whether it’s true or not.”

    It amazes me that so many people these days do not realize this. My free speech is only protected if everyone’s free speech is protected. Alex Jones and FOTM may opine that Sandy Hook was a false flag operation, but I have already censored that by not reading those articles.

    Certain media figures have made outrageous claims over the years. That is actually useful information, even if it isn’t true. It’s useful, because it helps me to gauge the reliability of the information that comes from that person.

    I remember a well-known media figure gassing on about how North Korea would be nuked and the size of the bombs they would use, etc. It was absolute nonsense which was inaccurate, if not impossible. It sounded great, even impressive, but it was empty talk,completely lacking in factual substance. So, at that point, I knew that this person was not a reliable source of information. It was entertainment, disguised as fact, but was actually not at all factual.

    The point here is this; I would not have known this, except for the fact that this person was running their mouth. Factual? No! Useful? Very!

    My personal standard for news is to find several sources and examine the agreement and disagreements between those sources. Sometimes a story covering the same event, but reported by different news organizations will reveal widely divergent information. Sometimes there will be common threads which help to show perspective on the matter.

    Just look at Fox, CNN and the BBC and you will see widely diverging takes on the same stories. In the Middle East, a Turkish news source, such as Hurriyet will have a completely different slant than Arutz Sheva, the Israeli news source. Then, compare these to some of the alternative news sources and you begin to see a strong picture emerge.

  2. On Fos Business Channel’s “Varney” yesterday, he showed a video of a guy who went on a university campus and asked the first 20 students who would talk to him if they think America is great. Only one said he did, but looked around to make sure he wasn’t overheard by fellow students. This is a snapshot of Obama’s transformed America – and it stinks to the lowest hell.

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