The Evilution Of Chest!

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I atanded a Fassanating lexture “last” nihght on Evilutoin it “was” abote how alll Things thay Evolvved starting whith It raned on “the” rocks and “the Rocks” thay came alyve!!! That is Whaht Sciance it says and Sciance it “is” Awlyays rihght!!!! and anny Boddy that dosnt think so thay “are” Sciance Denyers and has got to be beat up And put in Jale!

Take the game of Chest frinstants! i dint knowe Chest it evolvved from Checkers and Sorry! and then It evvolved back to Carears or somthing and then back to Chest agin!!

The frist Chest games thay “wer” alll in the Ocion becose the Ocion it “is” ware All Life itt begun! and the frist Chestmen thay was jist litttle like Germs or Mikerobes but then thay Come out On “land” and starrted Evolvving into Dinasore Chest and Woollie Mammith Chest and then Cave Man Chest only i fourgot to say that frist it was Checkers and then it was Sorry and thare is “one” Sciantits he thinks thare was a Meal Borns staje tooo!! Butt he is “stil” dysecking Chest Men to try “to” fined Meal Borns DNA!!

Butt “the” Best part of The Lexture it was how “evry thing” it is stilll Evolvving and some Day the “Humin Race” it whil Evvolve into theese like supramen with Camputers for Branes insted of waht We got Now witch is a Goood Thing i can harrdly weiht untill My own Brane it evvolves!! Then i willl larn How “to” playe Chest and probly be Come a Chest Exprat!!!! Meenwile i cant figyore out whatt al them Porns do,, and wye thare is “so” menny of themb!

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  1. One learns something gnu every day. 🙂 I would say that chess is a good metaphor, because it looks complicated, until you start to play it, which is when it seems simple, until you play against someone that actually knows what they are doing and you realize that it’s many times more complicated than you had initially imagined.

    So, maybe that’s the way life is. At first, it seems complex but then someone makes it sound like the simple product of countless mutations and it seems simple, until you talk to someone that knows how unimaginably hard it would be for a human to duplicate even the simplest cell, and you realize that life is far too complex to be fully comprehended.

    1. Just one protein in a cell is incredibly complex. The odds of even one protein self-arranging are staggering.

    2. That should read that the odds AGAINST one protein self-arranging are staggering.

  2. Joe Collige might enjoy reading “The Adventures of Alice in Wonderland” where the playing cards turn into chess pieces – but then again, it is probably written way above his reading level.

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