You’re Not Safe at the Airport, Either

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If you look closely at the space between this woman’s feet, you’ll see what her dog left for their fellow passengers on the floor of the concourse at the airport in Denver.

Our esteemed colleague at, “WannaBe,” has posted the now-famous video of the incident (  No, she did not clean it up: in fact, she resented the mere mention of the problem. Nor did anyone do as my wife suggested, and rub the woman’s nose in it.

Suddenly the whole taboo against defecating in a public place has gone the way of many other of our social taboos. Liberalism at work.

Kill the culture, and the culture will kill you back.

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  1. Such a classy lady *not*. I have flown recently and also saw two little dogs, one of them barked at me. Thankfully they did not leave behind a surprise.

    1. I’ve also flown recently and have seen a dog on board, which surprised me.

    2. That’s my kind of airline. 🙂 I’d bring my emotional support saltwater croc and take bets. 🙂

    3. That’s really bad. If a dog fouls the cabin of an airplane, beyond the unpleasantness and health risks associated, there are even more significant issues with regard to the plane itself. Excrement is very bad for airplane structures and can cause problems which require structural repairs.

    4. Airplanes have galleys and rest rooms. The structures beneath these are very prone to corrosion. Every year or so, larger airplanes go in for an extensive maintenance “check” and they remove the seats, carpets and some of the floorboards. They aluminum supports under the lavs and galleys frequently shows sign of corrosion and has to be replaced, while supports in other areas are pristine.

      I would imagine that one dog could cause some long term damage to a plane and if something of this nature happened over and over again that could increase maintenance costs overall. Let me put it like this, if I owned an airplane, dogs would have to remain in a kennel with a solid floor, and if someone’s dog got out and fouled the floor, they’d be getting a larg bill in the mail. Excreta, liquid or solid, is very corrosive.

  2. I’m shocked by places I see dogs, such as grocery stores. I understand seeing eye dogs, but then it became dogs for all sorts of “services”, including emotional support dogs. I have nothing against dogs, in fact they are high on my list of favorite animals, but dogs will defecate indoors, if they are not able to go outside, and they can’t tell you about in in words.

    We are rapidly stepping in the direction of the new Dark Age.

    1. This incident is quite shocking. I hope the owner of the dog had a just reprimand.
      Dogs are also high on my list of favorite animals (No.1: Cats, No. 2: Dogs, No. 3: Bears, etc.)… but the centipede is probably rank No.4 million.

    2. The mere fact that we need so many “emotional support” animals says a lot about our society.

    3. I’ll have to consult with my emotional support aardvark before I respond. 🙂

    1. The taboo against public pooing is dissolving fast. Does Satan feel it’s too late for anyone to stop him now, so he can show his hand?

    2. That is really disgusting. When the Israelites were established as a nation, sanitary disposal of one’s feces was part of the law God gave them. Civilization itself is unraveling.

  3. Unfortunately, it is the zeitgeist we are stuck with. Stop the world, I want to get off.

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