Why I’m With the GOP

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From time to time, I take flak for being unabashedly Republican. That is not to say I trust or respect the GOP leadership: saying that would be untrue. But ours is a two-party system, and third parties are nothing but a waste of time and votes. You’re either with the Stupid Party or the Evil Party.

Democrats are wedded–and “welded” might be an even better word–to principles and policies that are irredeemably wicked, to say nothing of insane. I do remember a time when normal people used to be Democrats, but that time seems to have passed. So you might say I’m a Republican because it’s the most practical way of opposing the Democrat Party.

If you vote for any Democrat, here’s what you’re voting for, and make no mistake about it: abortion; “transgender” stuff; same-sex marriage, and you’d better endorse it or else; criminalization of religious and political beliefs; criminalization of “climate change denial” (don’t laugh: it was on Hillary’s platform in 2016); erasure of our immigration laws; disastrous experiments in “open borders”; destruction of created wealth by burdensome and non-helpful regulations; the return of the “mandate” portion of Obamacare; subordination of American interests to the UN and other “global” bodies; an all-out plunge into laws and regulations to fight imaginary “climate change”; transformation of official government agencies, that we all pay for, into partisan organs of the Democrat Party, charged with stifling dissent and opposition; the purposeful embrace of socialism…

Had enough? Need I go on?

Let me make the usual disclaimer: there are plenty of corrupt swamp rats in the GOP. It would be an excellent thing to weed them out. The Republican donor class would love to inundate America with a flood of cheap labor from the Third World. These Republicans are not our friends, and there are plenty of them. Nevertheless, the Republican Party is the only tool in the box right now, and we’d better use it.

The Democrat Party must be totally defeated. Realization of its goals would be the thorough destruction of America. They have not been bashful about telling us what those goals are.

It is the party of Antifa.

It must be utterly defeated and driven into oblivion, never to return.

And then we can start weeding out the vipers in the GOP.

10 comments on “Why I’m With the GOP

  1. Both parties have slid to the left over the decades. The right has now moved to the center, while the left has moved left of Stalin (I jest, but barely). I’ve never seen so many “democratic socialists” come out of the woodworks lately. Then you have guys like Cuomo saying America “was never really that great.” There used to be at least a pretense of Capitalism and pro-Americanism within the Democratic party, but they don’t even try anymore. You may have a few blue dog Democrats out there, but they are a rare and dying breed. The Democratic party has been hijacked by the radical leftists some time ago, and they are quickly becoming the mainstream. Their vision for America is antithetical in every way to what our founding fathers intended.

    I have my criticisms for the Republican party as well. They have squandered opportunity after opportunity. Most of them don’t have a backbone, and cave to the Democrats at the slightest opposition. The RINO’s in Washington are a big problem. Hopefully we can get our act together before it’s too late.

    1. If they really were the mainstream, Donald Trump wouldn’t be president. I pray this whole Far Left enterprise self-destructs in the next election.

  2. Sock it to them, Lee – the Dems deserve it the way they have turned against our founding documents and the free market system which has enriched the world as nothing else ever has. What we need is a succession of elections in 2018, 2020, 2022, & 2024 that elects representatives and senators who adhere to America First in the vein of President Trump’s agenda. I pray for our country to become one nation under the Lord Jesus Christ.

  3. Amen and amen. It is hard to believe that supposedly intelligent people
    could turn so stupid in a few short generations. Nobody says the Republicans are saints, but they are not yet the snakes like those on the other side of the aisle.

  4. Neither part has the key to salvation, but it comes down to which party will allow us to live peacefully and with freedom of worship.

    1. That party ain’t the Democrats. There’s only one party that has declared itself in favor of all the things cited in my post, and that’s them.

    2. They’ve moved quite far to the left. There used to be conservative Democrats and liberal Democrats, but that was long ago.

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