We has Got A Free Speach Zone!!

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Them consturvatiffs thay Are such “cry babys”!! alyaws carying On “abote” free speach and some Frist Amentmint or somthing! So hear at Collidge wee hadto Give “them” a Free Speach Zone ware thay “culd” say al thair stopid stuff!!!

So now we got a Free “Speach” Zone and it is this hear Old phone boooth, the phone it dont work no “More” and al the biggits and christins thay can go insyde thare and say stuff! Only Of Coarse we hadd to make Excceptoins!!

Thay can say what evver thay whant Insyde the Free Speach Zone as long As “thay” dont say none of the follering,

hat speach, Homo Fobier, Izlambo Fobier, Trans Fobier, Climbit Chainge De Nile, and aslo thay cant alloud to say Anny thing bad “abote” Hillery, she shuld Be pressident!, Pressident Obamma (becose he Is “the” Gratest guy evver!!), anny Demmo Crat, and aslo “thay” cant say Anny thing good abote Stopid Donold Trumpt, Repulbbicans, the bybble, christanity, wite peeple, Americka, and thay cant “say” nothing goood abuot Them Selfs neither—butt othir Than That it’s all Free Speach!!!!

We whill addd More Restrickcions layter as we think of them,, we probly Fourgot some wenh we writ up “the” list!

And aslo we wil has our Micro Grecian and Divercity Responts Teem standin out syde the phone boooth to get “them” whan thay come “out”!!!

7 comments on “We has Got A Free Speach Zone!!

  1. I remember the fad back in the say when you tried to see how many people you could get into a phone booth. Joe ought to try it with his teachers, and then Antifa could blow them to kingdom come with a bunch of dynamite sticks and call it the freedom space.

  2. Hey Joe, do you know something? (not much, I know). WE DON’T CARE ABOUT YOUR SPEECH, FREE OR OTHERWISE. You can’t even spell
    cat, so just go away and quit your stupid nonsense. Nobody is listening.

    1. Never may that happen! Joe makes me realize that the worst day of my life was still 100 ties better than the best day of many people’s lives. 🙂

    1. Don’t you mean little “grey” cells? And are you Hercule Poirot, or not? And how about YOUR little grey cells, Monsieur “Hoirot”?

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