Flashback: ‘Nightline’ Tackles Evolution vs. Intelligent Design

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“Evolution or else!”

I reviewed this Nightline episode back in 2005.


Do you remember this case? The local school board in Dover, Pennsylvania, expressed some skepticism of Evolution: so in roared the ACLU, guns ablaze, threatening to destroy the school district with lawsuits unless the board recanted and confessed Evolution to be the one and only truth. That’s how settled science stays settled.

Thing is, even with all these strong-arm tactics, even with them owning the culture, the Evolution side still can’t seal the deal. They just can’t get a majority of the people to believe in it.

Maybe it’s kind of hard to believe in a “scientific” doctrine that can only be kept alive with threats of force. Somehow “believe in this or we’ll destroy your school district” just doesn’t sound all that persuasive.

And maybe it’s awfully hard to understand why any expression of disbelief in Evolution calls down such a violent response. Why should they care so much? There’s something rather crazy about the whole business. Why do they feel so threatened if some tax preparer in Dover, Pennsylvania, isn’t buying into Darwinism?

Someone at Nightline should’ve asked those questions.

3 comments on “Flashback: ‘Nightline’ Tackles Evolution vs. Intelligent Design

  1. It’s clear that having the public realize the magnificent design in nature, that can only come from all-powerful genius is the biggest threat to atheism. They are terrified we will get it.

  2. A clue that someone might be lying is “You protest too much”. Romans chapter one says people who don’t believe in God have no excuse, and the ones like the ACLU who promote unbelief have been given over to a debased mind.

    1. Whenever an atheist comes up to Paul Washer stating that they are an atheist. He just says “No you aren’t.”
      Because: “Every man knows in his heart that there is a God.”

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