Our Free & Independent Press… Caught Again

These guys in the nooze media are getting as slippery as climate scientists. And then they wonder why we don’t believe them anymore.

Observe the noozie trying to make headway against an overpowering wind. Now observe the people in the background, who aren’t affected by the wind at all.

But wait! There may be a rational explanation! Either the noozie is phenomenally weak, or the people in the background are superheroes with superhuman strength. Take your pick.

9 comments on “Our Free & Independent Press… Caught Again

  1. The amazing this is that the winds are blowing so hard that he needs to lean in the direction of the wind, not against it. Now, as any Millennial can tell you, the only explanation is ClimbIt Change.

    The fact that this joker has not been unceremoniously sacked tells me that the Weather Channel is just as lacking in credibility as the big nooze media.

    It’s actually pretty serious. People rely upon weather reports for important decisions and for planning. Pilots are required to obtain a weather briefing before any cross country flight. There are official sources for this and they should be credible, but if exaggeration is happening, who do you believe?

    The boy that cried wolf is the object lesson which covers this. If there are a dozen boys, only one has to cry wolf to create mayhem, even if the other eleven are not lying about the situation.

    Lets pull the zoom lens back a bit further; the problems of this world started when Satan distorted the facts and invented the lie. Satan started with something true, ‘did God REALLY say that you must not eat of that tree?’ Then the audience, Eve, was primed to consume the lie; ‘you certainly will not die!’

    When people, weather reporters (or in this case, an actor portraying a real weather reporter), nooze people, politicians and pretty much anyone else with a public forum, choose to play fast and loose with the facts, they are abusing their forum.

    The bum in this video should be on the soup line.

  2. The Weather Channel is really the worst. I’ve been complaining for awhile now that they over sensationalize things. They started naming winter storms like they do with hurricanes. They made excuses for this guy that it was because he was standing on grass and was undoubtedly exhausted, yea right!

    1. I think it’s more like he’d been smoking grass. 🙂

      Exhausted, yep leaning away from the wind really helps in that situation.

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