The Loving Left Again

An “intersectional feminist,” whatever the deuce that’s supposed to be, who is a “Peace and Security Studies” (whatevuh) professor at Georgetown Looniversity, has called for Senate Republicans to die horrible deaths so feminists can castrate their corpses and feed them to pigs ( Can you feel the love?

This is on the theory that any allegation made by any woman against any man, no matter how ridiculous, no matter how unsupported by any evidence or witnesses, no matter how obviously inspired by hope of political or monetary gain… must be true. Because it’s a woman against a man and women (or is it wimmin?) are always right and men are always wrong. To which one can only reply:

The intersectional feminist Peace ‘n’ Security Studies prof has received a fair amount of blowback from normal women who read her comments and thought them revolting. But then normal people are all racists, aren’t they?

But if Senate Republicans, as is their habit, cave in to **** like this, they will have once again damaged the country. Now they must confirm Brett Kavanagh to the Supreme Court–or give up the presumption of innocence, the burden of proof, and the practice of fundamental decency.

All those principles go away, probably forever, if the Democrats win this one.

4 comments on “The Loving Left Again

  1. Glad to see you are as incensed about the Kavanaugh case as I am. I called it insanity form day one because it makes no sense, and is so obviously a hit job by the dirty, low-down Dems. The real reason Sen. Feinstein held onto Dr. Ford’s letter was because the Dems didn’t even believe her (no evidence, no collaboration, and named witnesses all refuted her claims). McCarthyism lives but now in the Dems camp.

  2. It is hard to believe, but I can remember when the Democrat party was
    a much more reasonable institution. That was about 70 years ago. It has run totally off the rails now, and not only the Democrats, but losers from the feminist movement, the “I hate everybody” crowd. This is what happens when God is rejected and “guess who” has free reign.

  3. One silver lining to the roiling mass loaf clouds of to the Left is that they are alienating more and more of the population with every reveal of their true natures.

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