The Hungry Baby Cardinal

Linda loved these “Mr. Nature” posts, so here’s one for her. As you can see, the baby cardinal’s not in the nest, which means he can fly, sort of. But he still wants to be fed, and he’s keeping his mother quite busy.

This summer, the cardinals in our yard had a problem child who flew out of the nest–without a lot of experience to do it well–and landed in the overgrown jungle of our garden, where he peeped and peeped rather piteously. I wished I could do something to help, but thought it wiser not to intervene. The mother and father kept going back and forth, feeding and comforting the baby. They finally got his self-confidence back up to where it should be, and all three safely flew away.

God’s stuff…

3 comments on “The Hungry Baby Cardinal

  1. He was working hard to exercise those wings, the whole time. The fledgling stage of birds is a dramatic time.

  2. We had Cardinals like this all summer long (we feed them daily). But now we don’t see them anymore. I guess they took off like the hummingbirds did. I wonder what kind of animals our sister Linda is encountering in Heaven?

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