‘Spartacus’ Booker: Free Money to ‘the Poor’!

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Ah, more nooze…

Pity us folks in New Jersey. This clown is our U.S. Senator.

Corey Booker, coming off his “I’m Spartacus” comedy routine at the Kavanagh hearings, with an eye on running for president in 2020, has proposed a free handout of “up to $50,000” to “the poor” (https://www.hannity.com/media-room/free-money-cory-booker-unveils-plan-to-give-poor-americans-50000/). He says it’ll make a nice little nest egg for them to buy a home or start a business later in life.

But wait! It’s not just any poor. No, Spartacus proposes for the all-wise, all-powerful government to give that money to black poor people, because they deserve it more, because, he says, the median white family has ten times the money as the median black family. And so the government, which has no freakin’ money of its own but only what it can wring from the American people in taxes, is gonna fix that inequality. What gives them the right to do that, never mind the actual ability to do it even if they had a right, is a mystery.

How come “racial preference” never makes liberals racists?

And how, pray tell, is forking over a bunch of other people’s money supposed to correct the effects of growing up without a father, going to really crappy schools where you don’t learn shinola, and being socialized to an “urban” culture in which gangs and crime and out-of-wedlock birth are cultural norms? Well, $50,000 of other people’s money will buy a lot of lottery tickets, won’t it?

Is this pantaloon aware of the millions of black people who own houses and cars, have jobs, have both a mother and a father in the picture, go to nice churches,  and don’t need government handouts? Are all these people invisible because they’re normal? Democrats have a very hard time seeing normal people. Someone needs to found a science of cryptoanthropology, just for Democrat politicians.

I mean, where do they even get this idea that the government–themselves–have the right to grab people’s money, money that those people worked for, and divvy it up among their voter base? It’s more than stupid. It’s immoral.

Please, please, everybody–wipe out the Democrats in next month’s elections.

9 comments on “‘Spartacus’ Booker: Free Money to ‘the Poor’!

  1. “Cryptoanthropology:” maybe Collige Joe could major in it. Better than Spartacus’ proposal, how about a national DNA bank where the $50,000 goes to those with the right DNA read-outs – that way the redistribution of wealth program succeeds and at the same time we have everyone’s DNA to better control them. If it weren’t for Lee & Patty Duigan, I would be scared to death to ever set foot in New Jersey.

  2. Just when you think a liberal can’t be any crazier than he already is, along comes re-election times and they outdo each other in the straight jacket department. There’s a reason midterms come just after halloween.

  3. They insult the very people they claim to care about. Opportunity is the best gift you can give anyone.

  4. “Democrats have a hard time seeing normal people.” — This is a brilliant observation. (Just one of your many brilliant observations, of course.:) )

    1. Oops, I should have closed the parentheses before the smiley. But then it would have looked as though the smiley applied to my much more serious comment. Oh well.

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