Bunnies & Dogs

All right, they can’t play Clue, or Parcheesi, or Mad-Libs; but rabbits and dogs do like to play, and they’ll play with each other. Who says the dogs always eat the bunnies?

I think these unexpected animal friendships are a peek into what’s in store for us when God finishes His work of reclaiming and restoring His creation.

6 comments on “Bunnies & Dogs

  1. It always amazes me that animals with different behaviors and body languages can understand one another well enough to distinguish play from something serious.

  2. It’s a little glimpse what it must have been like in the garden of Eden (And what it will be like again) when animals did not eat each other.

  3. We have had house rabbits since 1989. For 18 years of that time we had a Pomeranian dog. They both left each other alone. Now if someone came to the front door our Pom would throw a hissie fit. Our neighbor’s Jack Russel Terrier hunts wild rabbits – we don’t let him near our bunnies.

    1. That’s why it’s so surprising when a dog and a rabbit make friends and play with each other. We really don’t expect it.

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