‘Great Gains for the Kingdom of God’

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Mark Rushdoony wrote this post last year for the Chalcedon blog. It grows more relevant with every passing day.


Christianity is the world’s fastest-growing religion–and that by the purposeful act of conversion, not by birth rate. And meanwhile, the institutions of secular humanism, throughout the Western world, are crumbling. When it comes to Darwinism, atheism, Climbit Change, and all the rest, they just can’t seal the deal: there’s more skepticism of their de luxe fun-pack now than there’s ever been.

So this is a cheer-up piece–enjoy it!

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  1. I am not a Calvinist/Reformed person and I’m trying to figure out if you are. If you are please let me know so I’ll know how to judge your blog articles. Thanks.

  2. Their optimism is what drew me to Chalcedon in the first place. Has God called us to victory or to failure? For all the Scriptures to come to fulfillment like Jesus taught, we are definitely called to victory. So sad the Baptists & Pentecostals all preach a coming great tribulation – it is so disheartening. Like J. Vernon McGee taught, “Why polish brass on a sinking ship.” Sheese, I don’t see anything like that anywhere in the Bible. The Word says occupy until the Lord returns – and His return is in Victory.

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