‘”Star Wars” Pastor Doesn’t Want His Church to be “Too Christian”‘ (2016)

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One of those things I never worry about is Christmas-time church services being too Christian. But in case it worries you, there’s a pastor in Germany who has a solution to the problem.


Tailoring your church services around a popular movie series looks like a sure-fire way to pump up church attendance. If you get bored with Star Wars, you can start on the Harry Potter movies, or Rocky, or Jurassic Park–any old franchise will do.

I can’t remember which apostle it was who first worried about Christianity being too Christ-centered, but I’m sure this pastor in Germany could tell you.

6 comments on “‘”Star Wars” Pastor Doesn’t Want His Church to be “Too Christian”‘ (2016)

  1. Years ago, I attended a service where a young deacon presented some information and it came out like a comedy routine. I was embarrassed to have been there, because he robbed the dignity of everyone in the room. I’m not some old sourpuss that doesn’t enjoy a good laugh and even God has a sense of humor, but this crossed a boundary and was insulting to the intelligence. It was, plainly stated; stupid, and had no place in a house of worship.

    Most people spend an hour or so per week in some sort of services. Do they require entertainment to the extent that they can’t take a service seriously. What’s next, a communion joke book?

  2. And then they wonder why people stop coming to church….

    I seriously believe that pastors who do this sort of thing have lost their own faith. They seem to think they need to make up for God’s shortcomings.

  3. Gimmicks have no place in a Divine Worship Service. We are to fear the LORD, i.e. highly respect Him. When churches make a mockery out of worship the world takes notice – that these people really don’t believe the Bible.

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