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‘”Star Wars” Pastor Doesn’t Want His Church to be “Too Christian”‘ (2016)

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One of those things I never worry about is Christmas-time church services being too Christian. But in case it worries you, there’s a pastor in Germany who has a solution to the problem.


Tailoring your church services around a popular movie series looks like a sure-fire way to pump up church attendance. If you get bored with Star Wars, you can start on the Harry Potter movies, or Rocky, or Jurassic Park–any old franchise will do.

I can’t remember which apostle it was who first worried about Christianity being too Christ-centered, but I’m sure this pastor in Germany could tell you.

‘Star Wars Umpteen: “The Farce Awakens”‘ (2015)

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Liquidator-ready Star Wars merchandise!

Yowsah, yowsah! The Star of Bethlehem–why, it was a spaceship! Ooga-booga!

Those spoilsports who said science fiction would rot your mind… Maybe they weren’t so far wrong, after all. Like for instance:


Hey! Has there been yet another Star Wars movie since I wrote this? I’ve lost count. Now that I’m no longer a liquidator, I’ve lost any reason I had for keeping track of Star Wars movies.

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