Have They Really Changed Our Morals?

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I saw something on video last night that troubles me.

We were watching a BBC crime drama, fairly new, Shetland; and into the middle of the story, for no reason that had anything to do with the plot, the writers dropped a “gay relationship” between two young men.

And of course, when this came to light, every freakin’ character in the play was totally cool with it, and the one kid’s father abjectly apologized for not being AOK with this and had to promise his full support from then on–having to earn his son’s approval, don’t you know. Even the lad’s grandparents–who now know they won’t be having any great-grandchildren–are just thrilled to learn their grandson has a boyfriend. They practically turn cartwheels over it.

Excuse me! Can this possibly be true? That right here, during the snap of the fingers that’s my own lifetime, behavior that’s been condemned for thousands of years, by virtually every human society on earth, is now applauded? How did that happen? I mean, okay, I was here, I saw the “gay” activists and their sponsors work day and night for this, tirelessly, fanatically: but still–!

Can it truly be that they succeeded in changing everybody? Damnit, the Soviet Union outlawed religion for 70 years, and the commies weren’t shy about persecuting Christians and Jews. They shut down churches, arrested the clergy, and indoctrinated several generations into atheism–complete with youth camps. Young Pioneers! Komsomol!

And today there is no more Soviet Union, but the Russian Orthodox Church is stronger than ever.

So is it true that a bunch of “gays” succeeded where the coercive might of the Soviet Union failed?

Is it true–or is what we’re seeing only wishful thinking, and subtle messaging, by more “gay allies” among the entertainment media?

If they really, truly have won universal approval of homosexuality, then why do they have to keep running to the courts to get their agenda shoved down our throats? Why is it necessary to hunt down the last Christian baker in a city and try to force him to create a “gay wedding” cake? Why should they even care, or even notice, that a few dozen people still aren’t with the program?

I don’t accept what I’m seeing on the screen as reality. Okay, sure, liberals, Democrats, moral anarchists–they’re on the bandwagon, they don’t have to be coerced. But those are not normal people! If they are, then “normal” has indeed fallen upon hard times.

I think our little playmates in the media are trying to hypnotize us.

And worst of all, most damnable and blameworthy of all, is the way “liberal” churches, seminaries, and individual clergy have rejected God’s word and taken their own words into their mouths as a voice of lying prophecy, attempting to deceive the Biblically illiterate. They themselves are probably strangers to the Bible. They run as fast as they can to keep up with the “Gay is Good” campaign. That their phony “churches” are hemorrhaging membership does not seem to concern them.

But then if the media were telling the truth about the state of our civilization’s morality today… those churches wouldn’t be losing all those members, would they?

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  1. If you were to watch what today counts as entertainment, you would think it’s true. But there are plenty of people who are not down with the program. They are just gaslighting people into believing they are the insane ones.

    1. The more I think about your use of the term “gaslighting,” the more I like it. You’ve hit the nail right on the head, Watchman. That’s exactly what they’re doing.

  2. It is my opinion that before the establishment of God’s Kingdom on earth, many of mankind’s institutions will fall under their own weight. I certainly think that will be true of the flatline churches out there which market a feel-good theology and are happy to place their stamp of approval on things the Bible tells Christians not to do. As various human institutions, including the world of entertainment, move ever farther from biblical standards, more and more people are distancing themselves and seeing these human institutions for what they truly are.

  3. All this nonsense is satan’s way of trying to brainwash the populace. We do not need to fall under his slimy spell, we know better, and I make no accommodation to any of this no matter who is around.

  4. I hope I’m not spoiling anything by revealing that at the end of season 2 (I think), the main protagonist’s daughter informs him that she has fallen in love with a Brazilian mulatto (not that there is necessarily anything wrong with that), and that she will move to Brazil to live with him – because multicultural Brazil is the future, whereas the Shetlands obviously are doomed. So yes, he will have multicultural grandchildren that he will hardly ever get to see. And it makes him so happy.

    It doesn’t quite end up that way, but perhaps I have revealed too much already. The main thing is that he was happy. So happy.

  5. When America was a self-conscious Christian country there were laws against homosexuality. As our nation drifted away from its trust in God, the rebellion against God’s Law began filling the void. R. J. Rushdonny said the answer is Christian Reconstruction, creating alternate systems to compete with the secular in education, science, the arts, and even in math. God created us to be workers – and many don’t find their real place of influence until they are 60, or 70, or 80 – consider Moses for an example.

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