‘”You’re Still a Racist”‘ (2016)

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Yeah, yeah, shaddapalready, we’ve heard it before–we’re all racists. That’s according to the United Church of Christ.


As a general rule of thumb, try this: Whatever liberals say is important is not important. Whatever they say is so, is not. So if they say all white people are racists, that means that in reality, very few white people are racists. If they say human activity is causing global temperatures to rise, that means it isn’t. You get the idea.

Once you realize that they’re lying all the time, it’s easy to laugh them off.

7 comments on “‘”You’re Still a Racist”‘ (2016)

  1. They oppose the wall, but have their big fancy home surrounded by one,
    they spout global weather change, yet live in huge lavish mansion, accuse everyone else of prejudice, but prove they are prejudiced against everyone. Not even worth a chuckle.

  2. I’ve talked to UCC members before; soo liberal and I don’t even know if they realize they were very insulting talking to minorities all about we need help. Argh!

  3. Along with being liars, they are hypocrites. They fly in their private jets to meetings promoting Climate Change as a crisis, and then build more mansions to party in right along the ocean shore line.

    1. Patrick Nelson was right on target when he asked about the palaces these vermin are building in Dubai–like about 6 inches above sea level.

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