A New Low for the Nooze Media

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I’m ashamed that I used to be a newspaper reporter and editor. Even though it was a long time ago, long before the nooze media morphed into hatchet-men for the Democrat Party.

Today they’re trying to convince us that President Donald Trump “worked for Russia” (https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-trump-russia/trump-i-never-worked-for-russia-idUSKCN1P81NM?feedType=RSS&feedName=politicsNews)–never mind that Hillary Clinton, as secretary of state, sold 20% of our nation’s uranium to the Russians. The nooze media’s all over this fable, and when they asked the president this stupid and insulting question at a press conference, he lost his cool and denied it. So now they can “report” that “Trump denies working for the Russians.”

Ooh-ooh! Now we can impeach him! Now we’ve got him!

Even for them, this is shameful.

I apologize for ever having been a journalist. It has become a truly disgraceful line of work. The newly-coined term, “presstitute,” is right on target. I would be less ashamed of having been a pickpocket.

How much more of this does our country have to take?

7 comments on “A New Low for the Nooze Media

  1. Yes, it is so bad now that even my younger relatives are getting sick of them, and turning them off before they can open their garbage mouths.

    1. I pray they’ll overplay their hand and totally destroy their standing with the American people. Our founders considered a free press indispensable to the republic. They never anticipated a press that would eagerly sell itself into slavery.

  2. At this mornings presser before Trump headed to New Orleans to give a speech, he was told the new Congresswoman Cortez was calling him a “Racist”, and he responded, “Who cares?” I know I could care less what Ms. Cortez says, except she is helping reveal how radically anti-American the Left really is.

  3. No need to apologize. If, as a journalist, you told the truth as you do, nobody believed you anyway. What’s changed is that now there are only 6 (or less) moguls who control “ALL news ALL the time.”

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