Glamorous Baby Goats

Baby goats–sweet, aren’t they? See, we don’t just do cats and dogs around here. Wouldn’t you like to play with some of these little characters? They look like they can really get into the spirit of it.

I admit that “glamorous” is probably not the right word to apply to goats of any age. I thought it might make for a catchy headline.

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  1. Ha, my son has a small goat herd here on his property. Yep, the little ones are cute and playful, but watch out when they are old enough to reproduce. The mothers are cantankerous, and she is nothing compared to her mate. He is downright dangerous when full grown. Just sayin’

    1. I read an article a couple days ago written by one of his dinner guests, describing the event and saying he ate only the salad. So Marc has guns, eh… Guns and goats, weapons and meat, both of which the rest of us are being told by we shouldn’t have. Sorry for the interruption.

    2. Yeah, that’s right–only the massahs should have meat and guns. Sort of like Climbit Chainge for us and private jets to Davos for them.

    3. This is fun. It’s like we’re on the phone. Excuse me while i shoot my supper and eat my gun.

    4. I looked it up and discovered you weren’t making an esoteric joke. Apparently the story is true.
      If you count eating the fish I’ve caught, then I’ve also killed and eaten my supper. But to me it doesn’t seem quite the same thing as bumping off a goat.
      If it were the only way I could have meat to eat, then I guess I’d either have to go without or steel myself to do it. Our modern way of life doesn’t require much DIY butchery.
      It’s just that the story makes Zuckerberg sound something of a weirdo.

  2. I thought it was funny how the one little fellow was trying to head-butt the dog, but the dog wasn’t impressed.

  3. They are absolutely adorable! I have played with baby goats before and they really are sweet. I would like one as a pet if it were “fixed” so that that it wouldn’t display those hormonal temperament changes as they become adults. I can see one running around with my dogs 😊

    1. You could try those Nigerian goats that stay little, although the farmer won’t sell them one by one. You have to buy two, or no deal.

  4. Goats are fun, can be friendly and lovable, and we are taking ours to my mom’s nursing home soon, three of them, to give the residents some smiles.

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