Don’t Watch the Nooze?

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A walk around the block might do him good.

Several people I know have told me that their blood pressure has gotten high enough to require treatment; and they all seem pretty sure that the several hours of nooze they watch each day has a lot to do with it–because the TV nooze makes them angry, frustrated, fearful, and confused.

They’re not the first to think this. Here’s an article along these lines that was published in 2019: .

Do you find yourself yelling or cursing at the TV set, and the talking heads on the screen? Do you feel yourself totally powerless to do anything about any of the awful things you’re hearing from the nooze? If so, you’re certainly not alone.

We’ve just had an election stolen from us by massive fraud, and we don’t know what to do about it. A lot of us are afraid there’s nothing that anyone can or will do about it. Some of us have had our spirit crushed by these events–and we hear all about it on the TV nooze.

There’s something to be said for cutting way back on your nooze-watching. What good is being “well-informed,” if it only leads to helpless rage? What good is information if there’s absolutely nothing you can do with it?

I have to stay informed, if I’m going to continue to produce this blog. But I have to draw the line somewhere because I don’t want to go mad. I’ve decided that if I know the names of the public figures’ lawyers, then I know more than I need.

Try cutting back and using the time to do a crossword puzzle–or anything else that cools your jets.

You’ll probably be the better for it.

An Odd Way to Treat High Blood Pressure

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So I’m almost out of blood pressure medicine and I need my prescription refilled. You wouldn’t believe the song and dance.

First they wanted to give me only a two weeks’ supply, so that in about ten days I could start the torment all over again. Then they said okay, three months–but you’ve got to have blood work done before you get your refill. So I went in this morning for the blood work.

That’s when they told me I’d have to do this every three months if I wanted my blood pressure medicine–“It’s our policy.”

I always get angry when I hear that. “I don’t care about your stupid policy!” I’m afraid I raised my voice. “No one in North America gets blood work every three months! I won’t do it!” So they said every six months would suffice. It should probably be only every twelve months, but I’ll fight that battle later.

After they took my blood, I was just about to go when they decided they ought to take my blood pressure, too. “But I’m already mad,” I pointed out, “and I haven’t taken my medicine yet today.” Well, they took my pressure anyway. And would you believe it? It was rather high.

“This is no way to treat high blood pressure–driving the patient crazy,” I protested. Yeah, yeah. Tee-hee. Supposedly now they will refill my prescription by the weekend, at which time I will have run out of what’s left. I made them promise. I made them write it down. Which probably means they’ll forget, so I’ll have to phone them Friday.


Guess What? I Have High Blood Pressure

So I went to the dentist for a routine cleaning, and, for the first time ever, they took my blood pressure before they did anything. And it’s too high–way too high. On that account, I was refused dental treatment. It’s new rules, handed down from the state dentistry board, nothing to do with us–they just don’t want me having a stroke while my teeth are being cleaned. I promised n0t to conk out on them, but no dice.

Because I’m not on any medications now and I don’t want to be, I will try to get my BP down with diet and exercise. I hate diet and exercise. Meanwhile, various people have asked me why I have high blood pressure in the first place.

Well, it’s an hereditary trend among males in my family. And I have a sedentary job, sitting at the computer for hours on end.

But there’s also the unremitting stress of standing here watching my country get debauched, turned into a joke, and murdered by the very persons who are supposed to maintain it and protect it. The whole ruling class of America hates America and wants to turn it into something else. Dissolve our borders, import hundreds of thousands of Muslims, redefine basic human institutions, butcher babies, persecute Christianity and Christians, trash the whole thing  beyond recognition; and we have a “president” who shreds a copy of the Constitution every morning as soon as he wakes up, and does it again when he goes to bed at night.

Our rulers, our opinion-shapers, our rich and powerful and glorious whoopee crowd, hate us, despise us, and are doing their level best to ruin us.

I long to open my eyes someday to a world in which I will never hear such a phrase as “persons who identify as men.”

So, yeah, you bet I’ve got high blood pressure.

The stuff that’s being done to our country has got to stop.

And one way or another, it will.