This Is Journalism? Teens Demanding Vaccinations?

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The gang at the Chicago Tribune–do they truly think we can’t see their bias?

The headline reads, “Unvaccinated teens fact-checking their parents and trying to get shots on their own” ( Like, how many times, when you were 14 or 15 years old, did you find yourself sitting on the porch steps and thinking, “Gee whiz, I wish I could get more vaccinations! Confound my parents! What could they be thinking of?” Hint: never.

The Trib digs up one 18-year-old who posted such a thought on Reddit–“god [sic] knows how I’m still alive”–and from it extrapolates a mass movement among teenagers who want to be vaccinated against freakin’ everything. This kid’s parents didn’t think so. The fact that he’s still alive casts doubt on the urgent necessity for beaucoup vaccines. His Reddit post did get a lot of comments, from which the Trib deduces “a growing discussion online.”

And they begin a sentence with the words, “As anti-vaccination movements metastasize…” You know–like cancer. Cancer metastasizes. Ooh! Doggone dogma!

This is ideology. Secular humanists keep promising to deliver us an earthly paradise, free from disease and poverty and bad dates, etc., if only we’ll all do as they say. In their world, no disease will be allowed–so there, God! You couldn’t do that, but we can! If only the ignorant rabble will obey us. So their own dogma demands that everyone be vaccinated against everything; and then, if a disease does turn up somewhere, it must be because some religious fanatics failed to heed the government.

I wonder what my parents would have thought of me “fact-checking” them. They didn’t generally use the word “hubris,” but in that event it would have come in handy.

I really shouldn’t need to add that some vaccinations have done good (the smallpox vaccine, just to name one)–but to vaccinate against every possible disease is just utopian humanism running wild. But then it doesn’t know any other way to run.

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10 responses to “This Is Journalism? Teens Demanding Vaccinations?

  • marlene

    Not all teenagers. Just the ones who scored high on the “indoctrination” Quiz.” Their statements are merely the oral part of the test. I’m sure they all got an “A” and can now go home and jump off the roof. There’s no vaccination against that. The only winners in this charade is the news media’s cesspool – fill ‘er up!


  • Phoebe

    I remember watching TV with my mother, back when we did still watch TV, and ad after ad would ask for money so “we can end cancer / heart disease / lung disease / this disease / that disease” and every other disease. And my mother would say, “So what are we going to die of?”

    For an atheist, my mother had a good sense of memento mori.


  • Robert Jason

    Bravo, Lee!…you indeed are a true journalist for daring to speak out against the lunacy of vaccinating everyone far and wide for every disease on this planet…please, remember the so-called “mainstream media” receives tons of moolah from the giant vaccine industry and Big Pharma in advertisements…thus they are bought and are biased…as an 83 year old man with a healthy lifestyle who is still hale and hearty and who has NOT received any vaccines for ages, I’m still alive and well…I can do well without deliberately injecting into my healthy body all the harmful ingredients of vaccines, to wit: MERCURY, FORMALDEHYDE, ALUMINUM et al…of course, when I was very young, I was given such basic vaccines such as against small pox et al…that is fine…in my time, there were only few basic vaccines and they were good for us…but now there are gazillions of em under the Sun!…sheer lunacy!

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  • Unknowable

    I amazes me how one person’s actions can become a movement, by the time it is printed as a headline.

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  • thewhiterabbit2016

    When they reveal what they put into some of those vaccines, you can see why up to half of the population doesn’t trust them. I know, I know, there is not relationship between vaccines and autism, even though incidences of autism have sky-rocketed with the plethora of vaccines.


  • Kristopher G

    Reblogged this on Kris's Medicine and commented:
    A mix of support for vaccination and disagreement with it. The author recognizes the positive effect vaccinations can have against diseases but he also provides his opinion on utopian humanism.


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