We Has got To Fyne Fat Peeple!!!

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Hear at Collidge us who is On “the” Stodent Soviet we has fowned Out “that” it is Aginst The Law “to” be Fat in Jepan and soon “the” Russhins thay wil aslo Make It “aginst The law” tooo! and our Cheef Commasar she slapt Her four-hed and sayed Now wye “dint we” Think “of” Thatt”!!!

I seen a Fat Parson oncet and “it” was trooly Discussting!! Fat Peeple thay taik up “moar than” thare fare shair of Spayce!!! it is becose of Captolism that “thay” are So Fat yiu dont harrdly nevver see no fat peeple in Veniceowhalea!! that is becose thay “are” Socilist!!!! witch prooves Socilism “it is” goood four yiu!!

So wee are “goingto” maik Rools aginst Being Fat and yiu whil has to Pay a “Fyne” of lots of dollers like maybe “6000 thousand $$” jist for Being Fat and a nother “thousind dollers$$” per Powned yiu “are” Over Wait! butt frist wee has got “to” maik a Chart to say hoaw mutch yiu “are aloud” to Way,, like if yiu “are” Sicks Foot Tall yiu has got to Way like mayby a huntred 100 powneds!! And aslo iff yiu are “Tooo Fat” then yiu cant has no Toylit Payper neether,, that “is ” a Nother good thing abote Socilism!!!

The peeple in Venzowayla thay are “all” Loosing Wait becose Socilism it “is so” helthy four yiu!! That “is” waht we whant to has On our Campiss!!!! And that is caulled Free Dum!!!!!!

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5 responses to “We Has got To Fyne Fat Peeple!!!

  • Phoebe

    Oops, Joe and his gang are going to get into trouble with this one. There’s a high rate of obesity among, uh, certain minority groups, so the fat tax is going to be called racist. Tsk.

    It also occurs to me that a recent taxpayer-funded study investigated the high incidence of overweight in lesbians, so the fat tax might be considered homophobic as well. Double tsk.

    Isn’t this fun? 🙂

  • Joshua M. Swanson

    Woa… zat faat maan in za pikchure loooks soh fhat zat hee mite tep ober end carpshise…

  • thewhiterabbit2016

    This is exactly what China is now imposing on its citizens, a tax on overweight people. The Left looks to communist China’s system as the answer to many of America’s problems. Funny how they overlook the glaring atrocities being committed by Xi and company. For instance, the New Green Deal is for America to eliminate carbon output (even though America leads the world already in reducing it) while China is the biggest polluter in the world of our air and oceans.

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