‘U.N. Tomfools at it Again’ (2016)

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When you’re finished posing for Forbes, your reparations check is ready

Do you think you should be punished for something you didn’t do, something that was done several generations before you were born, before your family had even come to this country?

What! You don’t believe in Reparations???

U.N. Tomfools at It Again

The United Nations thinks we Americans, those of us who can’t prove we’re black,  ought to be forced to pay “reparations” to black Americans, for slavery that came to an end in America 154 years ago.

I’m home free, though, and you can be, too. Just do as I have done, and self-identify as a person of African descent. Anyone who would deny it is obviously a racist. Hey, I’m not gonna pay reparations to myself! And neither should any of you. Just take refuge in the dodge that leftids themselves have invented, and skate right over this.

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  1. Who’s going to pay reparations to all the people enslaved by Muslims in Muslim countries?

  2. We could sue England for reparations for the Revolution and share a percentage of it with the blacks; but only those who have proof their ancestors were slaves. And it should not include slaves who were freed who continued to work for the household, by choice. Maybe through the process of elimination there wouldn’t be many who qualify anyway.. However, i propose we eliminate the entire “concept’ of reparations because it would just turn into another redistribution of wealth scheme, spearheaded by the democrats whose cups are already runneth over.

  3. “Just take refuge in the dodge that leftids themselves have invented, and skate right over this.“

    This sort of dovetails with the comment I just made on the Facebook post. By weaving all of these schemes they will hobble themselves. They may appear to prevail, for a time, but then they will start to squabble among themselves. I’ve already seen hints that this is starting. The venom of the far Left will be turned upon their own, almost instantly, once they feel that they have something to divide among themselves, they will turn upon one another.

    1. Yes, look at all the little monsters Pelosi and her friends created, and now must appease and amuse and handle with care, lest they turn on her and eat her.

    2. Precisely! Historically, our Heavenly Father has allowed His enemies to destroy one another while His purposes move forward.

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