‘After Christian School… It All Goes South’ (2016)

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Kids have been out of public school and out of college now for several months, thanks to The Great Quarantine Which We Gotta Have To Ward Off The Extinction Event Etc. But eventually the powers that be will expect you to send them back. Here’s a reminder of what public education does.

After Christian School…It All Goes South

If you’re currently homeschooling your child, or pursuing your college studies online–well, I hope you know when you’re well off.

Because nobody needs what public education does to a human mind.

Looming Court Case Spooks Teacher Unions

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Catholic-basher James G. Blaine

(Thanks to Susan for the nooze tip)

An upcoming Supreme Court case has the country’s teacher unions gnashing their teeth and warning of an educational disaster.

I thought we already had one of those. Ongoing.

“Espinoza vs. Montana Dept. of Revenue” challenges a Montana state law that gives tax credits to those who donate to scholarships to private schools–but not to “religious” schools (https://www.educationdive.com/news/supreme-court-to-hear-case-educators-worry-could-destabilize-public-school/570745/). ‘Cause that would be “helping the church.” Taboo!

The Montana law–and similar laws in 37 other states–is based on the Blaine Amendment, a failed Constitutional amendment from the 19th century whose aim was to ban public financial assistance to religious schools: more specifically, Catholic schools. James G. Blaine has gone down in history as the candidate whose presidential campaign self-destructed when he called the Democrat Party “the party of rum, Romanism, and rebellion.” Lots and lots of people resented that.

If the U.S. Supreme Court allows individuals and groups to donate money to religious school scholarships, warns Randi Weingarten, president of the far-left American Federation of Teachers, it “could decimate public education.”

Like, that would be a bad thing?

It would, she predicted, “siphon off”–get this!–“scarce funds” for education. What kind of joy juice is she drinking? Funds for public schools are all too plentiful, and anything but scarce. Does she foresee the demise of $100,000-plus annual teacher salaries? Ooooh!

The Blaine Amendment offspring that survive in 38 states discriminate against religious schools and Americans who want to send their children there.

America needs more Christian schooling, not less. Much, much more!

‘The Battlefield Ahead’

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Christian school–way more dangerous to the bad guys than it looks

In this Chalcedon editorial, Mark Rushdoony reminds us to keep our eye on the ball, as it were–the ball being the need to re-Christianize our society from the ground up, starting with ourselves and our families.


We need to win battles in the culture war, but we have to get out of having to fight all the battles on ground chosen by the enemy. Christian families, Christian schools, Christian neighborhoods and fellowships, and even Christianized workplaces–these are the kind of developments that are well within our scope to create.

And their creation will give the bad guys fits.

‘After Christian School… It All Goes South’ (2016)

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I’ve seen this for myself–how years of Christian schooling can be so quickly undone by public education.

After Christian School…It All Goes South

Can it be the Christian schools just aren’t as strong as they ought to be? I don’t know. I’ve taught in a wonderful Catholic school, and I’ve taught in wretched public schools. I don’t know what would happen to a child educated at St. Helena’s if he were taken out of there after eighth grade and thrust into a public high school. All I can say for sure is that I’d never, never make the experiment.

Parents who love and respect their sons and daughters keep them out of public education.

The Future of Christian Education

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Throughout the 1970s and 80s, Chalcedon founder R.J. Rushdoony campaigned tirelessly for Christian education, homeschooling, and Christian schools. He traveled all over the country, testifying as an expert witness in many homeschooling trials. When he started, Christian homeschooling was forbidden in many districts. Today, it has spread from coast to coast.

Chalcedon continues its work for Christian education, with our own homeschooling mentor, Andrea Schwartz, at the helm. For example:


It’s hard work, traveling to conferences, networking with homeschooling parents all over America, blogging and writing about it, spreading the word and walking the walk. We’re proud of Andrea’s unceasing efforts for the cause.

After Christian School…It All Goes South

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We laugh at Joe Collidge, but he does have a mean streak.

I have this story via Frontline Ministries. I won’t use any names: the point of the story is broader than that. And it’s not the only example.

So–boy enters Christian school. He has a very bad stutter, and the other kids make fun of him. Teacher puts a stop to that, but good, and works with the boy so that he finally overcomes his handicap. No more stutter.

Boy leaves Christian school, enters public high school. His Christian teacher hears from him no more… until he gets an email from the lad, now a college student.

The young man calls his teacher “bigoted” (biggit, biggit, croak the mindless frogs in the swamp called “university”) and excoriates him for writing “hateful” things about homosexuals and Muslims. By “hateful” he means anything less than full approval and complete submission.

Then the college student–who has by now been given a bigger handicap than any stutter: a public education administered by moral imbeciles–goes on to say, pompously, to his old teacher, “It’s not man’s place to judge… I can’t believe I respected such a bigoted individual (biggit, biggit) as yourself.”

“It’s not man’s place to judge”? Dude, what are you doing as you write that? Oh, I see–judge not, except it’s right to judge Christians and conservatives because your collidge perfessers told you so.

This whole collidge mantra of “There’s your truth that’s true for you and my truth that’s true for me” is nothing but a symptom of a mind that has been trained out of the habit of reasoning. Like, dude, if it’s your old teacher’s “truth” that homosexuality is wrong, aren’t you supposed to respect that as “his truth”?

Oh, okay–it doesn’t apply to Christians and conservatives.

I’ve seen what happens when a teen or tween leaves Christian school and gets sucked into the maw of public education. In no time at all they turn the kid into a waste of space. It’s what they do best.

Please, Christians, please! If you have kids in public school, please get them out of there. You wouldn’t dream of sending them to a Muslim school to be taught by Muslims. Why are you comfortable with having them be taught by reprobates?

Meanwhile, I’m sure I can’t see the payoff in training a whole generation of Americans to be puffed-up nasty little fools in whom unearned self-esteem has replaced earned self-confidence.

Catholic Kids Behaving Badly–Again

As I settled down outside to write this morning, I was disturbed by bad music that was getting louder and louder. It seemed to be coming from just around the far corner of our building: heavy metal, with a lot of shrieking f-bombs and other profanities.

So I got up to go and put a stop to it, and as I walked toward the sidewalk, a child appeared in a window of the Catholic school across the street and quickly pulled it down–shutting off the music.

It wasn’t some yobbo in the street. It was kids in a Catholic school classroom, getting up to mischief because their teacher, I presume, wasn’t there to stop them.

The lesson here is simple: sending your kids to a Christian school does not remove them from our polluted culture. They’ll just bring it with them. I expected better from children in a Catholic school, having taught in one myself, but obviously I was wrong. What they hear on the outside, they bring inside the school.

I used to trust the kids in my Catholic school classroom if I had to step outside for a few minutes, and they never disappointed me.

But that was quite a few years ago, and our culture has not gotten better in the interim.