‘The Mystery of the Jersey Devil’ (2015)

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This is their sequel, “The Phantom of the Pines”

I post this as a tribute to my brother-in-law, Ray, who wrote the book on the Jersey Devil. Well, this book, at least. And a sequel.


If you ever have occasion to read Weird N.J. Magazine, you’ll learn that people are still having run-ins with the Jersey Devil today.

Ray died last year, but his work lives on.

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3 responses to “‘The Mystery of the Jersey Devil’ (2015)

  • unknowable2

    There are a number of these sort of things which are known to happen around the world. Sightings of Yeti comes readily to mind. There’s no way to disprove these stories and every sighting adds to the mix. I assume that something is at the root of such sightings, but I don’t know what.

    • leeduigon

      Some of the current stories of encounters with the Jersey Devil are pretty hair-raising. And some of the people who say they’ve had them seem pretty credible to me. Much more credible than, say, any Democrat presidential candidate.

      • unknowable2

        The discovery of elastic tissue in dinosaur fossils, a few years back, has opened up all sorts of possibilities. The fact is, we don’t know everything about our world. The taxonomy of the deep oceans is far from complete and I’m sure that there are some surprises left on land, as well.

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