‘The Anti-Bible Magic Trick’ (2015)

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Leftids think everyone is stupid. They think we can’t see through clumsy tricks like this.

The Anti-Bible Magic Trick

If Jesus Christ is not the Lord and Savior, if He was only a nice guy who had some eccentric ideas, once upon a time–if He even existed at all–why do they rage against Him so? Why do they want to strip people of their livelihoods for believing in Noah’s Flood? I mean, you see what happens to their faces…

Heck, I get exasperated when they spout their fairy tales of Man-Made Climbit Change: but that’s mostly because they want to use it as an excuse to tell other people what to do.

They need new writers. Their old ones are out of ideas.

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  1. They are certainly inconsistent. Recently, I’ve watched some videos made by Answers In Genesis and it’s refreshing to see that scientists exist whom are bible believing and willing to bring the weight of their informed opinions to light in favor of creation.

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